Hayton and Burnby Parish Council


Fashion Show - St Giles - 2.00pm Friday 2nd November - £5.00 Things are hotting up, looking good, models choose their outfits yesterday, from the huge selection Piperty have to offer

Piperty will be bringing all their fabulous stock with them, (you should see the scarves) for us to view after the show

One or tickets still available, this show is not to be missed, and all in memory of our glamorous friend and benefactor Kate , all proceeds in aid of St Giles.


White House Wall Art.  Huge thanks to everyone who have submitted entries, for those two charactors who will join, James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, The Saint and Poiret on the wall.  We now have Rebus, Inspector Frost, Dr Watson, Charlies Angels,Basil Brush, Scooby Do, Inspector Clouseau, Dick Tracey, Bat Man, Robin, Spider Man, Cagney and Lacey, Starsky and Hutch, Cadfael, Austin Powers, Mini Me and Charlie Chan.  Whew, what a list, especially when combined with the previous incorrect entries


St Giles - Service this Sunday (4th November) 9.15am, plus short half hour Remembrance Service Sunday 11th November 10.45am,ready for one minutes silence on the 11th Hour


Thanks to Albert - Albert you are a star, your efforts in keeping Burnby's verges etc in full bloom, the Old Bus Stop tidy, and cutting the grass, is much appreciated, a big thank you from all us residents



Ashcourt - Thought it worth mentioning here, how hard Ashcourt try, to address Burnby's complaints regarding the odd renegade driver, who spoil it for the majority of careful drivers, who respect Burnby village whilst driving through.  


 Upwards and onwards

Burnby Scribe



Burnby News Thursday 20th September 2018




Whilst we all wait anxiously for the last episode of the 'Body Guard' a bit of gentle news to take your mind off the subject


Competition - Not had a competition for some time, so lets get the grey matter working again.  The usual bag of sweets to the first 'nearest' answer.  You will be pleased to know that after too long an absence, a new mural is being painted on the side of White House Farm, what you have to do is guess the subject.  Shock Horror, I hear you say, this is a difficult one, so Trish has allowed me to give you a clue which is surprisingly, that it will not be associated with Sport!!


So there you have it, so get those responses in to the Scribe soonest, to avoid being 'pipped at the post' and miss out on those sweets


Forth Coming Event - Apologies, scotch the date of the special event given as the 30th October, and replace with Friday 2nd 

November 2.00pm onwards in St Giles

This event is the usual tea/coffee cake and raffle,  but with an extra special sparkling ingredient of a Fashion Show.  Because Burnby is so special, Tracey Ward, of Piperty Fashions, has agreed to bring her amazing array of Autumn goodies for you to gaze at and enjoy.  Models (Trish, hope you are reading this)) and helpers will be needed, so get your names to the Scribe soonest


This will be a 'Kate Day' one of several we hope to bring you, to remember our great friend, the glamorous and generous Kate Beal, who was such a giant supporter of St Giles, as our Church and community centre, for which proceeds will be for.  The event is open to everyone from the area, and will be well advertised, so, in memory of Kate, get this date in your diary


Tickets £5.00 and limited, due to the tiny size of St Giles, we would hate anyone to be disappointed, so get your orders in soonest by contacting Louise Walsh or Carol Gray  


Sikes Drain - Help, if you are willing and able and possess a rake, we need you

No doubt due to the hot weather Sikes has dried up, and also filled up with weeds, as several of the village septic tanks drain into it, together with the narrow culvert under the road (between Blacksmiths Cottage and the pumping station) this creates something of an issue. 

Last year we got a village task force together to clear part of the Beck, and also the Sike, so would be great to have your help again this year, if you happen to be free - for the area of the Sike only between the end of the culvert downstream, from the pumping station, to the end of the first garden in West View, bordering the pumping Station


This is a distance of around 40/50 yards so with enough volunteers we should be able to clear it  in around an hour.  Date suggested are either Saturday 29th or Sunday 30th September 10.00am, so if you are free, please contact the Scribe, to organise further details


It's worth mentioning here, if your land borders the Sike or the Beck you are probably a riparian owner, which loosely means you are responsible, up to the middle point of the water course, for keeping it clear of debris and free flowing, which is especially important in Burnby, due to the risk of damage caused by overflowing 


Upwards and onwards


Burnby Scribe 

Burnby News - A Special Message - 2nd September 2018
Wow, what a summer, and the good weather continues, so get those Apples picked, nothing like an English Apple, fresh from the tree, perhaps with a chunk of bread and cheese (yum yum)
I digress, the purpose of this message is, that on Sunday, 9th September, 9.15am, a very special event is taking place in St Giles
St Giles is the patron St of Lepers, in fact there is still evidence of the opening in the Church wall, where the Vicar took communion, the Lepor remaining outside, whilst the vicar stopped within.  This month just happens to be, the month the feast day of St Giles occurs, so, why not have a special service, for everyone to attend,  and hear a bit of the history of St Giles.
Bronnie Broadhurst has, as is usual, put a huge amount of effort into this event, including providing a trail, we can all follow, as a fun way of exploring the Church and grounds.  Plus Margaret Rutherford, part of the Leprosy mission, is traveling all the way from Hornsea, to explain the workings of the Society to us
St Giles serves a dual purpose, as a Church and also our community centre, use it or lose it, sounds harsh, and I know of no one who would wish this to happen, and there is no reason it should, providing we do use it, a little more often.  Would be so good if as many of us as possible could take one and half hours out of our busy lives, on Sunday 9th, to suport St Giles, by attending the above fun event
Georgina Curry, is expertly in charge of tea/coffee and posh biscuits, promised by Louise Walsh.  Louise and Carol Gray, will be somewhat in expertly assisting Georgina
Look forward to seeing you
Other news - Huge thanks to Burnby's clandestine artist in resident, who recently painted a picture of Burnby, which was purchased by a resident, the proceeds of which were donated to St Giles.  Well done you, you know who you are!
Ashcourt - Trouble bubbling again, we are trying to resolve, Andy Dower has been particularly pro-active on all our behalf's.  Please remaim vigilant, and advise times and registration numbers of any good or poor driving to the Scribe
Dates for your diary - Tuesday 30th October 2.00pm in St Giles.  Extra special tea/coffee afternoon in St 
Saturday 15th December evening do St Giles.  Details of both events to follow
Upwards and onwards
Burnby Scribe


Burnby News Friday 13th July 2018




Has to be said that the 'Sun has still got his hat on' so enjoy while we can.  Lots of news so lets move on


Flowers - Vases are now ready to collect from St Giles


Coffee Mornings - Thanks to Janet  for hosting an excellent morning on Thursday 5th, well enjoyed by everyone


Next Coffee Morning - Date to follow in August.  Thanks to Chris and Julia  for hosting this one


St Giles Pets Service - Wow, this was good, Vicar Rodney able assisted by Bronnie, had everyone singing and encouraging the congregation to be Butterflies, Elephants and Crocodiles, before blessing all the pets, who behaved admirable.  Well done everyone


Next Service - Sunday 5th August 9.15am


September Service - Revised date Sunday 9th September.  St Giles is the patron St of Lepers, indeed there is still the gap in the Church wall were the Lepers took communion on the outside, with the vicar remaining within the building.


September is the month of St Giles feast day, so feelers are going out for a possible speaker, to educate us to the plight of Lepers.  The disease is still endemic in some areas of the world


Watch this space for news


Found - One of the Equestrian Centres customers found a Silkie Cockerel wondering along the road, which they rescued

Sue  has taken temporary custody of the escapee, and would be delighted to return it to its owner.  Telephone Sue on 07974 506929 to be reunited


A Word of Warning - a second bag of scrap brass and copper, has been removed from Pengelly, plus an outhouse was forced open at The Old Rectory, also garden objects have been moved around at East View.  Suggest we all remain vigilant, and take notes of any unusual activity , or strange vehicles in the village


Upwards and onwards


Burnby Scribe