Hayton and Burnby Parish Council


Burnby News Thursday 20th September 2018




Whilst we all wait anxiously for the last episode of the 'Body Guard' a bit of gentle news to take your mind off the subject


Competition - Not had a competition for some time, so lets get the grey matter working again.  The usual bag of sweets to the first 'nearest' answer.  You will be pleased to know that after too long an absence, a new mural is being painted on the side of White House Farm, what you have to do is guess the subject.  Shock Horror, I hear you say, this is a difficult one, so Trish has allowed me to give you a clue which is surprisingly, that it will not be associated with Sport!!


So there you have it, so get those responses in to the Scribe soonest, to avoid being 'pipped at the post' and miss out on those sweets


Forth Coming Event - Apologies, scotch the date of the special event given as the 30th October, and replace with Friday 2nd 

November 2.00pm onwards in St Giles

This event is the usual tea/coffee cake and raffle,  but with an extra special sparkling ingredient of a Fashion Show.  Because Burnby is so special, Tracey Ward, of Piperty Fashions, has agreed to bring her amazing array of Autumn goodies for you to gaze at and enjoy.  Models (Trish, hope you are reading this)) and helpers will be needed, so get your names to the Scribe soonest


This will be a 'Kate Day' one of several we hope to bring you, to remember our great friend, the glamorous and generous Kate Beal, who was such a giant supporter of St Giles, as our Church and community centre, for which proceeds will be for.  The event is open to everyone from the area, and will be well advertised, so, in memory of Kate, get this date in your diary


Tickets £5.00 and limited, due to the tiny size of St Giles, we would hate anyone to be disappointed, so get your orders in soonest by contacting Louise Walsh or Carol Gray  


Sikes Drain - Help, if you are willing and able and possess a rake, we need you

No doubt due to the hot weather Sikes has dried up, and also filled up with weeds, as several of the village septic tanks drain into it, together with the narrow culvert under the road (between Blacksmiths Cottage and the pumping station) this creates something of an issue. 

Last year we got a village task force together to clear part of the Beck, and also the Sike, so would be great to have your help again this year, if you happen to be free - for the area of the Sike only between the end of the culvert downstream, from the pumping station, to the end of the first garden in West View, bordering the pumping Station


This is a distance of around 40/50 yards so with enough volunteers we should be able to clear it  in around an hour.  Date suggested are either Saturday 29th or Sunday 30th September 10.00am, so if you are free, please contact the Scribe, to organise further details


It's worth mentioning here, if your land borders the Sike or the Beck you are probably a riparian owner, which loosely means you are responsible, up to the middle point of the water course, for keeping it clear of debris and free flowing, which is especially important in Burnby, due to the risk of damage caused by overflowing 


Upwards and onwards


Burnby Scribe 

Burnby News - A Special Message - 2nd September 2018
Wow, what a summer, and the good weather continues, so get those Apples picked, nothing like an English Apple, fresh from the tree, perhaps with a chunk of bread and cheese (yum yum)
I digress, the purpose of this message is, that on Sunday, 9th September, 9.15am, a very special event is taking place in St Giles
St Giles is the patron St of Lepers, in fact there is still evidence of the opening in the Church wall, where the Vicar took communion, the Lepor remaining outside, whilst the vicar stopped within.  This month just happens to be, the month the feast day of St Giles occurs, so, why not have a special service, for everyone to attend,  and hear a bit of the history of St Giles.
Bronnie Broadhurst has, as is usual, put a huge amount of effort into this event, including providing a trail, we can all follow, as a fun way of exploring the Church and grounds.  Plus Margaret Rutherford, part of the Leprosy mission, is traveling all the way from Hornsea, to explain the workings of the Society to us
St Giles serves a dual purpose, as a Church and also our community centre, use it or lose it, sounds harsh, and I know of no one who would wish this to happen, and there is no reason it should, providing we do use it, a little more often.  Would be so good if as many of us as possible could take one and half hours out of our busy lives, on Sunday 9th, to suport St Giles, by attending the above fun event
Georgina Curry, is expertly in charge of tea/coffee and posh biscuits, promised by Louise Walsh.  Louise and Carol Gray, will be somewhat in expertly assisting Georgina
Look forward to seeing you
Other news - Huge thanks to Burnby's clandestine artist in resident, who recently painted a picture of Burnby, which was purchased by a resident, the proceeds of which were donated to St Giles.  Well done you, you know who you are!
Ashcourt - Trouble bubbling again, we are trying to resolve, Andy Dower has been particularly pro-active on all our behalf's.  Please remaim vigilant, and advise times and registration numbers of any good or poor driving to the Scribe
Dates for your diary - Tuesday 30th October 2.00pm in St Giles.  Extra special tea/coffee afternoon in St 
Saturday 15th December evening do St Giles.  Details of both events to follow
Upwards and onwards
Burnby Scribe


Burnby News Friday 13th July 2018




Has to be said that the 'Sun has still got his hat on' so enjoy while we can.  Lots of news so lets move on


Flowers - Vases are now ready to collect from St Giles


Coffee Mornings - Thanks to Janet  for hosting an excellent morning on Thursday 5th, well enjoyed by everyone


Next Coffee Morning - Date to follow in August.  Thanks to Chris and Julia  for hosting this one


St Giles Pets Service - Wow, this was good, Vicar Rodney able assisted by Bronnie, had everyone singing and encouraging the congregation to be Butterflies, Elephants and Crocodiles, before blessing all the pets, who behaved admirable.  Well done everyone


Next Service - Sunday 5th August 9.15am


September Service - Revised date Sunday 9th September.  St Giles is the patron St of Lepers, indeed there is still the gap in the Church wall were the Lepers took communion on the outside, with the vicar remaining within the building.


September is the month of St Giles feast day, so feelers are going out for a possible speaker, to educate us to the plight of Lepers.  The disease is still endemic in some areas of the world


Watch this space for news


Found - One of the Equestrian Centres customers found a Silkie Cockerel wondering along the road, which they rescued

Sue  has taken temporary custody of the escapee, and would be delighted to return it to its owner.  Telephone Sue on 07974 506929 to be reunited


A Word of Warning - a second bag of scrap brass and copper, has been removed from Pengelly, plus an outhouse was forced open at The Old Rectory, also garden objects have been moved around at East View.  Suggest we all remain vigilant, and take notes of any unusual activity , or strange vehicles in the village


Upwards and onwards


Burnby Scribe


 Burnby News Tuesday 26th June 2018




The sun has got his hat on, hip, hip, hip hooray, the sun has got his hat on and we're coming out to play.  Wow what glorious weather, and now for the news


This and That - Wow, did us Burnby girls do well at the amazing array of flowers we put on for Kate's funeral, very fitting, the girl would have been delighted, so many people to thank, but especially Sandra , not only for her glorious font arrangement, but for popping in to St Giles this week (together with others) to dead head and keep watering.  Thank you Sandra


Also so Julia and Chris , for the huge amount of work they put in ensuring St Giles was spick and span, and quietly organising the guests, Well done and thank you Chris and Julia


Round of applause and thanks to Bronnie for the sincere and heart felt service.  Where would Burnby be without you


The village, did not fail Richard and Louise, who have been bowled over and forever thankful, for the expressions of sympathy and practical help displayed.  Well done everyone


Flowers - Please feel free to take your flowers and containers out of St Giles, you may need them to cheer someone up, otherwise leave them in, a few of us are attempting to take care of the smaller arrangements, hoping we can keep them going for the pets service this Sunday.  The perfume is overwhelming as you enter the Church, very uplifting and reflective



 Burnby News - Saturday 9th June - Kate


To those of you who have not yet received the news, the fact that Kate decided to quietly slip away from us, last Saturday, this will come as something of a shock


At Richard and Louise's request, here are the funeral details


Thursday 21st June, 2.00pm, St Giles Church, Burnby, officiated by Bronnie Broadhurst (which would delight Kate) followed at 3.30pm for committal and Posh Tea and Biscuits at Octon


The Burnby girls will be decorating St Giles, to the brim with flowers, and this is were we need your help


Kate's love of flowers was well known, and we wish to celebrate this fact, so we decided on the following plan.  If you are able and willing, (but absolutely no pressure on this) it would be great if we could all raid our gardens for as many blooms as possible, and leave in the pales of water, which will be in St Giles from Tuesday 19th onwards.  If you have nothing in flower at present, feel free to purchase a few blooms


Then on Wednesday 20th, 2.00pm onwards a gang of us will descend on St Giles, to start arranging them, everyone who knew Kate is welcome, you do not have to be a flower arranger, you can lift, carry, sweep up, prepare tea/coffee, just sit and chat , or simple put a few flowers in a vase, if that is your style.  You do  what ever you feel comfortable with


The idea is, that this provides a warm hug, amongst friends, whilst also serving a practical purpose, and the opportunity to reminisce on our happy memories of Kate, our glamorous, elegant, generous and ever helpful friend


Burnby Scribe



Burnby Community News


Well, have we got news for you, yes we do


Burnby is a pretty special place, which is why we choose to live here, however it now needs a bit of TLC, if we are to continue to live up to our reputation as a generous and caring community


St Giles, which also doubles up as our community centre, has held several fun and memorable events, the Elvis evening being one of the most notable.  It does not bear considering what a big hole it would leave in our community were it not around 


However, like everywhere else in the country, costs go up (insurance, power, surveys, organ inspections, service reports) plus mandatory matters (health and safety compliance, PAT reports etc) the list is endless, but his income declines.  The Old Boy now needs between £6,000. and £7,000. a year to survive.  Even if he shut up shop, it would still cost at least £3,000. a year to stop him deteriorating


Now here is the conundrum, the majority of his income comes from Church services, which have declined to once monthly, whilst the community use has increased!


Yes, you will spot were we are going with this one, should we as a community, share more of St Giles costs.  The answer has to be 'Yes'


Now, with this in mind the money, for a brand new, state of the ark, portaloo has been donated, by a member of our community.  Arrangements are well advanced, in purchasing and erecting Burnby's very own loo, how good is that!


So we can now host more events, and gradually increase income.  However before then, we need to give St Giles a moral boost, by increasing his pocket money now.  So here is the first of several ideas which have been put forward as workable solutions


Every one of us adults and children, to have a St Giles money box, which will sit in a prominent place in our home, and to which we will all pop in £1.00 a week and /or our loose change.  The brain box who worked this out estimates along side, other events, this will go a long way to covering St Giles annual costs, and stave off any thoughts of closure


It would be good to have your thoughts on this, together with any ideas you may have to run alongside those already being considered 




Replies, which, as always, will be kept strictly confidential, to the Scribe


Upwards and onwards


Burnby Scribe, for and on behalf of the Burnby Community



Burnby News - Monday 26th February 2018


Brr, working in a sheltered spot in the garden yesterday, no such luck today, as the 'Beast from the East' begins to bite.  More of that later, for the moment we have some thanks to give


Pot Holes - High Five to William Nicholson, for filling in the two pretty big pots which had developed between St Giles and the Pumping Station, pending ERYC coming to repair.  Thank you William


Henry VIII Performance in St Giles Friday 16th February  

 Laura thanks everyone for their support in this venture whether by donating raffle prizes, time, money or attending.  Target of £3,500.00 now achieved, which will secure Laura's humanitarian trip to Nicaragua, but equally as important are the life enhancing skills, learnt in the process of organise these events.  Well done Laura, plus  Burnby Village and friends in supporting her.


Beast from the East

General information we all need to be aware of


1  Manual salt spreader is kept in Angus and Trish Mitchell's barn together with a small supply of salt.  It takes 2 people to organise, plus a barrrow and shovel

2  A larger supply of salt is kept at Grange Farm, Middle Street care of  David Nicholson

3  Three salt bins kept in the village, both ends of Middle Street/Main Street/Back Lane.  Remaining one opposit the Pumping Station


Burnby Coffee Mornings - Regret we have let February slip by.  Do we have any volunteers out there willing to host March?
Remember all proceeds to St Giles, which we have neglected lately.  The Old Boy is in need of a bit of TLC
Upwards and onwards
Burnby Scribe





Shiver, shiver today, but how welcoming, to see the sun, Snowdrops and Aconites popping up, yes, Spring really is on the way
The word popping leads me on to a rather distasteful matter concerning a similar word, Poo (the Doggy kind).  Oh dear, at least three residents have bent the Scribes ear on this one
This is a difficult one for me, as I know, what a responsible lot, you dog owners and walkers are, and you too will be horrified by this disclosure.  I can only assume, we have a stray somewhere in the village, perhaps called the 'Scarlet Pimpernel' (We seek him herewe seek him there, Those Burnbyites seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven? — Is he in hell? That damned, elusive Pimpernel)
So, if you spot this poor elusive creature, contact the Scribe soonest, to allow us to discuss a plan to stop this disgusting behaviour
Parish Council (PC)
The PC has requested the Scribe to advice you of their intention to formulate a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the area
Once further information is to hand, details will be forwarded by separate Email, in the meantime you can read up on the progress so far, by following the agendas and minutes on the PC web site www.haytonandburnbypc.co.uk/
News from Nunburnholme (copy of Email Shown Below)
Hi everyone

You may or may not be aware that on two occasions, over the last three years, some members of the PCC have spent many hours completing the rather onerous Heritage Lottery Fund grant forms, but sadly to no avail!  Disappointingly the applications were unsuccessful.  So a new church roof, conserving the Norman arch and stone walls will not be happening soon.

However, at a PCC meeting recently, it was suggested that we should ask the residents and wider community if there is anyone out there who has the ‘knowledge’ about successfully completing grant funding forms, and may like to assist us.   We are now looking to apply for a smaller grant, from other sources, to carry out urgent repairs to the roof as an interim measure.

If you, or someone you know, has the expertise then I look forward to hearing from you!

Many thanks
Ann Hill
Upwards and onwards
Burnby Scribe
PS No responsibility accepted for poor grammar or spelling!




Burnby News - Monday 15th January 2018




Why wish January out of the way, when it promises so much.  Longer days, bulbs emerging, one violet spotted and several primroses, plus the pleasure of small delights, in having dragged oneself outside, of achieving one small task.  Perhaps it should be called the virtuous month


Much to look forward to, lets kick off with:-


January Coffee morning Wednesday 24th 10.30am


Wrap up, and venture out for a good old natter and catch up. Brenda Elliott-White invites us all to Forest Cottage, for a cuppa and cake.  Forest Cottage, is first on the left, after St Giles, as you head towards Nunburnholme.  Look forward to seeing you there


Parish Council Meeting - Thursday 1st February 7.30pm Hayton Village Hall


Church Service - St GilesSunday 4th February 9.15am


Return of Chris Cade - Friday 16th February 7.30pm St Giles


Miss this at your peril.  Do you remember his performances of George Hudson, the Railway King, plus a Christmas Carol and one persons experiences of the 2nd World War in York.  Well, Chris is back, this time performing Henry VIII, in full costume plus we are promised plenty of audience participation, together with a Tudor Feast.  Yes, you heard correctly a Tudor Feast, Hedgehog roast has been discussed, plus Peacock Pie (I think HRH Queen Elizabeth 2nd permission is needed for that, so perhaps not).  Ancient recipe books are being read, and recipes organised


This is the brain child of one, Laura Elliott-White, in support of her humanitarian trip to Nicaragua, later this year


Cost £8.00, These events are always over subscribed, so book your place quickly, by contacting Brenda Elliott-White baewhite@btinternet.com or Carol Gray 01759 304439 thehagues1@hotmail.com, and support one of Burnby's own, into that exciting. curious and mysterious journey into adulthood

Children free, (providing happy to sit on the floor if all seats taken), you will need to bring your own Medieval drink of choice, and drinking vessel (any horns out there)!



To everyone who supported the Christmas Party and Carol Service, whether by donation, helping out and/or participation.  An excellent time was had by all, seems ages ago now, but all formed part of life's rich tapestry, who would have thought so much fun can be had from household utensils - Memory Game plus orchestra, (what a din), spring to mind as the star games.  Well done everyone, we need to get our thinking caps on for this years events


Prince Harry Wedding


Is there a Village celebration on the horizon?


Nunburnholme News


To follow


Upwards and onwards


Burnby Scribe

01759 304439


Burnby - December 2017 Happenings  - Miss These at your Peril 


Oh Dear, are we in danger of being caught 'On the Hop' so much going on, so a few updates below


Burnby Christmas Party - St Giles Friday 15th December 7.00pm


Monster thanks to the majority of you who have responded, most with a resounding 'Yes Please'. Very few tickets left, so please do get back to Kate or Carol before the end of November, to ensure we can squeeze you in

Remember, event is free, food provided, however, the raffle will be splendid, so if you could donate a prize that would be really appreciated

Last but not least, remember to bring your own booze and glasses (the drinking kind)


Christmas Post for Burnby Village Residents


Once again, the Elves and Elvis Beal, have agreed to deliver, in return for a small donation to St Giles.

Post bag and donation box will be in St Giles 1st December.  Last collection Friday 22nd December


Christmas Tea afternoon Plus Craft Demonstration and Exhibition Friday 8th 

December 2.00pm


The Hagues, Middle Street.  Gail Dalley will be demonstrating how to craft a Fabric Box, plus exhibition of Burnby residents crafts (Wood Carving, Rug Making, Authors, Painters, Needlework and more).  Plus Georgina Curry, Quiz, Tea, Coffee, Cake, Sandwiches and Biscuits, all for £2.50, in support of St Giles.  Everyone welcome


Carol Service - Friday 22nd December, 7.30pm  


Bronnie in charge of the service, so who knows what to expect (Should we all brush up on the tune of  a well known Yorkshire song)?  Oh dear, have I said too much?  Well, you will not know, unless you come!

As always, everyone welcome, a splendid time is guaranteed 


Burnby Scribe



Community Washing Line in Burnby

Trust this brings a smile to your face

I guess the workmen got caught in a shower.


Thanks -  To everyone who contributed to Franks red Chariot.  In 10 days we collected over £3,000.00.  Collection passed over on the Friday, and Frank purchased on the Saturday.  Well done everyone, what a joy it is to see the Chariot and Frank motoring around

Road Works - Progressing, but will not be finished on time, no matter on this, more important that we get a quality job.  Frank is keeping a watchful eye on things

Albert - Now out of hospital following knee operation.  We all wish you a speedy recovery, Albert, and look forward to seeing you back in business on your Blue Chariot

Harvest Festival - Well what a success, many thanks to Julia Soukup and Sara Midgley for organising, plus everyone who donated food, flowers and attended.  Last but not least, Bronnie for the wonderful and thoughtful service, and Lesley Craven for the impressive flower arrangement

The physical Bell Ringing has to be mentioned, what an impressive sight to behold, bet it brought a smile to the face of St Giles, plus the singing (not supposed to mention this) but we gather it surpassed Nunburnholme's!

Now, is there a germ of an idea here, should we have a joint service with Nunburnhome? They could sit on the left of the aisle, with Burnby on the right, and we could then judge who are the best singers.  We would need a few ground rules perhaps, to avoid noise exceeding quality

Last Competition - There has been a bit of 'too'ing and fro'ing' on this.  We may have got it wrong, as some of the names may have got mixed up, and John Nicholson, may, just may, have got them all correct.  Oh dear, if so he is due to a bar of chocolate. The jury is out on this one, it may be sorted by the end of the year.  Any comments on assisting in finalising this dilemma will be welcomed

Future Dates for Diary - 

Thursday 23rd November 10.30am - Coffee morning at Hedgehog House, courtesy of Daniel, Sara and Sandra Midgley

Friday 8th December 2.00pm - Christmas Tea Afternoon courtesy of Mike and Carol Gray at The Hagues.  Gail Dalley has kindly agreed to demonstrate how to make one of her fabulous fabric boxes, thank you Gail

Also considering what a tiny village Burnby is there is a wealth of craft workers quietly beavering away.  Rug makers, artists, wood workers, sewing enthusiast.  So, there will also be an exhibition of all things hand made in Burnby.  We have already been promised several items and  would be delighted to hear from anyone who would be happy to have their work exhibited

Phew, after all that, there will be the annual Georgina Currie Christmas Quiz.  Thank you Georgina

Friday 15th December Evening - Burnby's very own Christmas Party, to be held in St Giles.  Many minds working on this event, full details to follow

Friday 22nd December 7.30pm - Annual Carol Service in St Giles

Carol Singing Evening in December - Date to be fixed

Christmas Post - Once again the Elves of Burnby, assisted by Elvis Beal have agreed to distribute Christmas cards round Burnby Village, in exchange for a small donation towards St Giles.  Sack will be in the Church Friday 1st December.  Cards will be collected and delivered on a regular basis


News from Nunburnholme - Courtesy of Ann Hill

Hi Everyone,The Jubilee Committee are raising funds for Christian Aid with our first event………...                                                                                                                                                        ‘SARAJEVO – A year of living dangerously' 

7.30pm in church, admission on the door, £6.50 including a hot supper ………….

On Saturday 11 November, hope to see you there!  

…………the second event will provide an evening of fun and entertainment on Saturday 25th November , hope you can make both events!

No apologies for errors, omissions, and poor grammar

Burnby Scribe

07825 779774


Quick Update on Imminent Village Events September 2017


Ashcourt Update - We have agreed to postpone the open day at the quarry, until spring 2018

Consultations between Ashcourt and ERYC regarding layby's continue.  I believe they are finding it hard going

We have not given up on the speed signs, Ashcourts own planning department, have offered to assist, subject to us getting certain bits of information to them

Please do keep Jill Startin and/or Carol Gray advised if you witness good or poor driving, together with a registration number, time and details 

Appeal for Funds for Mobility Scooter for Frank - Huge thanks to everyone who has responded with pledges, accept a round of applause and roll of drums, £740.00 plus promised, how good is that.  We wish to pass cheques/Cash over next week, so the organisers, would appreciate hearing from any one still thinking of supporting soonest.  Once again, no pressure what so ever, and it goes without saying that confidentiality is guaranteed

Next coffee Mornings/Tea afternoon - Wednesday 25th October Lime Trees, Middle Street, by kind permission of John and Jill Roberts, 2.00pm onwards

Thursday 23rd November, 10.30am onwards at Hedghog House.  We have Sandra and Sara Midgley to thank for this one

Friday 8th December, Christmas tea afternoon, 2.00pm onwards, at The Hagues Middle Street, Hopefully craft demonstration, and the now famous, Georgina Curry Quiz

Replacement of Burnby Village Seat - We have the Parish Council to thank for the replacement seat, especially Chairman Mick Bettison, who put it in place, together with help from Burnby's own Jenson Midgley.  Thanks to you both

Next Parish Council Meeting - Thursday 7th September.  

Burnby Scribe

07825 779774



Burnby News Thursday 17th August 2017

Dates for Your Diary - Would be great, if you would get these dates in your dairy, it really is not too early, to ensure community events are not missed.  Friday 8th December, Christmas tea afternoon at The Hagues, and hopefully craft session, plus Georgina Curry's now famous quiz, and Mrs Beal's equally famous egg sandwiches

Friday 15th December - Wow, miss this at your peril, Village Christmas party in St Giles, 7.00pm onwards.  Watch this space for updates

Friday 22nd December 7.30pm - Annual Carol service in St Giles

Carol Singing - Weather and volunteers permitting a date needs organising. Saturday 23rd December, has been suggested, would be good to hear of any other dates you think would be suitable

August Competition - Rather like the 'Scarlet Pimpernel' the supplier has 'Gone to Ground', you will have to wait till next months publication.  In the mean time if anyone spots him/her please advise The Scribe

Burnby Next Coffee Morning - We have Julia, Chris, Josh and Gareth Soukup to thank for this.  Thursday 24th August 10.30am, at Fairview, Hayton Road.  Josh and Gareth look forward to entertaining as many of us as possible, so do not be shy, and join them for a morning of chatter.  As usual all proceeds towards upkeep of St Giles

Date of St Giles September Service - Sunday 3rd September

Date of next Parish Council Meeting - Thursday 7th September

July Competition winners - hold your breath, we have two winners, Georgina Curry for recognising Malcolm Gray, the handsome young man last right on the photo.  Bag of sweets is winging its way to you, Georgina.  Now for the difficult question, who could name all the boys in the front row? Well, John Nicholson (what a memory) came up with all but two, so wins the bag of sweets, but not the chocolate bar, sorry John.  Names from left to right on attached photo Stanley Hague, Peter Crusher, Brian Fox, Peter Sherburn, David Crusher, John Nicholson, Derek Nicholson, Kenneth Maskew, Malcolm Gray

News from Nunburnholme - Bell Ringers BBQ which took place on Tuesday 15th was well attended, good weather and company who could ask for more.  Many thanks to everyone who attended/supported

Coffee morning cake stall and raffle in aid of British Heart Foundation 1 Beckside Cottages, Saturday 23rd September 10.00am - 12.00 Noon.  Everyone welcome

News from Londesborough - Refreshments in the Reading Room Sunday 27th and Monday 28th August 11am to 4.30pm

News from Hayton Check the plants for sale out side the Old Vicarage and support Hayton and Burnby village Hall fund in the process.  Full marks and thank you to Caroline Wagstaff and her supporters in organising this fund raiser

The Future - For whatever reason, The Burnby News, is proving popular, and is a perfect example of how something positive, can be created from a negative.  However, I currently have a question mark running round my head, planted there, due to an incident, which could (I stress could) have developed into a serious situation, which would have benefitted from an early warning to residents. I include Hayton, Londesborough, Nunburnholme and Warter in this.So, what do you creative readers out there think? It would just need one or two dedicated people in each village, to sort the structure and admin and hey presto, we have an early warning system, (entirely unofficial) which would more or less run itself.  You may have far better ideas, in either case, it would be good to hear from anyone, who thinks there is a germ of an idea in this suggestion

Upwards and onwards

Burnby Scribe

07825 779774


Burnby News Tuesday 25th July 2017



So much going on in Burnby, it is going to take two publications to get through everything, so lets make a start

Mrs Ridsdale, a Nail and a Parrot - Some of you may remember this riddle published by the Scribe last year.  Well, just goes to show how small a world we live in.  Google picked this phase up, which ensured Melanie Stevens from the North West, who, whilst working on the family tree of the Ridsdale family, came across it, and contacted Jo Green our Parish Clerk, who in turn passed it on to Neil Marston and the Scribe  Niel lives in Moat Farm, Mrs Ridsdale's former home, and from this contact has emerged lots of Emails and delightful photos from years ago

The story and photos will be published in the next news Email, so watch this space, in the meantime if any one has any information on Fred, Albert, Tommy or Annie Ridsdale, of Moat Farm, or Albert Manson, also of Moat Farm, and you have not been in contact already, the Scribe would love to hear from you

Coffee Morning - Many thanks to Janet Kelly and Jen, for todays event at the Station House, good food and company, who could ask for more, Janet.  Majority still chattering at gone 12.00, how good is that

August Coffee Morning - Julia and Chris Soukup are hosting at Fairview.  Date to be advised

September Coffee Morning - Hosted by John and Jill Roberts of Fairview.  Date and details to be advised

St Giles - Next Service Sunday 6th August 9.15am

Parish Council - Next meeting Thursday 3rd August, 7.30pm Hayton and Burnby Village Hall, Hayton

Ashcourt - Email shown below from Emily Summerson, our new contact, following a report from a resident,of a lorry exceeding the 20 mph voluntary speed limit, together with a further one, reg No.P8 OXO which was being driven perfectly

Hi Carol, 

Thank you for your email, and for bringing this matter to my attention. Both P8 OXO and P88 OXO are owned by Pro Haulage Ltd (a sub contract haulier) but operate in our colours and livery as they are on full time hire to us. We have spoken to the owner of Pro Haulage this morning and informed him of the issue with P88 OXO, and explained that as we also received a complaint about the same driver last year, we have been left with no choice but to permanently ban him from Partridge Hall quarry with immediate effect. 

I hope this helps to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to working with you and the other residents of Burnby. 

We will also issue a memo to all drivers reminding them of the forthcoming school holidays and the need to be extra vigilant when travelling through the village. 

Many thanks  



This Months Competition - Wow, how good is the attached photo, of you Burnby folk from yester year, all looking spick and span in your Sunday best.  Well, John Nicholson managed to get all the girls names correct, in last months competition, but can any one out there, name the boys?


Bag of sweets and chocolate bar to the first correct answer, PLUS (yes, we are feeling generous this month) a bag of sweets to the first person to recognise and name, the handsome young man, sitting last right, on the front row, who still lives in the village, and is as handsome now, as he was then?


News from Hayton - Caroline Wagstaff reminds us of annual BBQ Saturday 5th August 6.00pm.  Tickets adults £7.00 Children £3.00 available from Hayton Service Station.  Please remember to bring a salad, if you are partial to a bit of rabbit food with you BBQ


Upwards and onwards


Burnby Scribe

Burnby Drainage Scheme - Hip Hip Hooray 

Ward Councillor Mike Stathers, has given the okay to releasing his Email shown below and addressed  to Simon Sedcole (Parish Councillor and Chair of the Drainage Committee), Neil Marston, and Carol Gray, (Burnby residents and Co-opted members of the Committee) , to ensure we are all advised soonest of this exceptional news

Mike has  been working tirelessly on Burnby's behalf  in obtaining the funding necessary.  The scheme was devised by Russ Towse of East Riding of Yorkshire Council (at an estimated cost of £60,000 plus), the plans are still available in St Giles, if anyone wishes to examine.  Further details will be available in the fullness of time

Accept a pat on the back and a huge round of applause, appreciation and thank you, from all Burnby residents, Mike and Russ, and your teams, in ensuring this very necessary project has obtained the 'Green Light'

Dear All
I can now confirm that the funding for the Burnby drainage scheme has finally been agreed. We are looking to commence work in September and tenders will be sought very soon. There will also be a public consultation process with the villagers. 
That's all for now but I hope you agree this is great news and much deserved by all of you. At the appropriate time, I suggest we have a meeting at Burnby with our engineer to go through the details.
Kind regards

Cllr. Mike Stathers


Upwards and onwards

Burnby Scribe

07825 779774

Burnby News - 26th June 2017

Well it is assumed the Sparrow Hawk gobbled up the Woodpecker, however, what of the Cuckoo, has anyone heard him this year?

Competition Winner - John Nicholson, who identified, Margaret Holmes, Margaret Crusher (also Sunday School Teacher) Rev. and Mrs French, Eileen Hague, Evelyne Milner, Maureen Cox (lived Blacksmiths Cottage),Wendy and Marny Booty.  Bag of sweets AND Chocolate Bar winging its way to John.  Well Done

Honey- Local supplies are available in Nunburnholme, contact Tina Jenkins 07790 701262,  jenkins857@btinternet.com

Ashcourt and Burnby Drains - Hope to have update for you next month

This Months Coffee/Tea afternoon - Huge thanks to Gordon and Pip Garside for an excellent afternoon, in their wonderful garden, tasting Pip's excellent baking

Next Coffee Mornings - Thanks to everyone who volunteered, which has resulted in July's being at Janet Kelly's, August at Chris and Julia Soukup's and Septembers at John and Jill Roberts.  Dates to follow

St Giles - Suggest you take a moment to read some of the comments in the visitors book, very uplifting.  In particular one, which reads along the lines of 'Lovely Church, beautifully kept'.  How good is that, and I am sure you will join me in a round of applause and thanks, to Chris, Julia, Josh and Garth Soukup, for all the time and effort they put into, keeping St Giles in good order, and ticking over.  Big hugs to you all x

The Old Bus Shelter (TOBS) - similar comments to the above, from the cycling and rambling fraternity, who put it to good use.  Whilst we have a replacement for the cycling pump, we are still short of a cycling tool kit and first aid kit.  Donations of these items would be gratefully accepted.  Thanks, as always to Rob Mills, whose brilliant idea it was, and keeps it in good order

Burnby in Bloom - Albert has been putting his green figures to good use, as always.  Thank you Albert

Saturday 1st July 7.30pm St Giles - A Concert of Early Choral Music, performed by the 'Good Company' Choir.  The choir have performed previously in St Giles, and were so impressed with the acoustics, that they asked to return, and perform free of Charge. Wow too good an offer to refuse, so support St Giles, and roll up, all for £5.00, including fruit cake and cheese, and a glass of wine.  Children free.  Tickets available from Kate Beal 07843 667882 or Carol Gray 07825 779774 or 01759 304439

2nd Burnby News  - Monday 19th June 2017

Wow, thanks to everyone who responded to this mornings news , which has resulted in this second news being necessary 

June Coffee/Tea afternoon this Wednesday 21st June (Summer Solstice) 2.00pm by kind permission of  Gordon and Pip Garside, Merridale, Nunburnholme Road.  Everyone welcome.  Gordon and Pip have a wonderful garden, which is looking especially good at this time of year, so well worth a  visit.  Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible

St Giles Sunday 2nd July 9.15am - Pets service, all well behaved animals, including humans welcome.  Service will be conducted by the wonderful Bronnie Broadhurst, so expect lots of humour

Coffee mornings - Many thanks to those of you who have volunteered, looks like we have now filled July and August slots.  Full details to follow

Frank Willison - Frank and Joan wish to thank everyone who have visited Frank, this is much appreciated, the latest news is that he is making progress, so we must all keep up the good work.  Well done Frank and Joan

Competition Winner - The first reply looks to be almost correct, it is currently being verified by an independent judge.  If you have an entry, suggest you get it in soonest, before the judging ends

Earlier Competition and Miss Binnington - The Scribe has been advised, from a very reliable Hayton source that there was a farming family, called Binnington, who farmed at Holly Tree Farm, Hayton.  Their speciality was breeding Shire horses, before tractors took over.  Confirmation of this, plus any further information out there, would be very welcome

Upwards and onwards or should it be Toodle Pip

Burnby Scribe

07825 779774


 Burnby News Monday 19th June 2017


What glorious weather, and how good are the birds this year, so far Thrushes, King Fishers, Wrens, Robins, Blackbirds, Ducks, Coots and all manner of Tits and finches flitting around the garden, but so far no Woodpecker, has any one seen him?

Competition - In case I have failed to mention it, winner of the last competition was Beatrix Nicholson, the photo was of Maurice Jackson, Richard Holmes and Derek Nicholson, dressed to depict, Rudston-Read (a local gent), George Hudson (the railway King) and Miss Binnington.  We are unable to find any information about this Lady, but she must have had some significance in the area,  so if anyone has any details, please do contact the Scribe

New Competition - This is a difficult one, and I doubt anyone will get it correct, so a bag of sweets AND a chocolate bar, to the anyone who can correctly name the majority of those on the photo, (other than Rev. and Mrs French) the location and the event it was celebrating.  Get those thinking caps on 

Good Company Choir - Saturday 1st July 7.30pm, £5.00 includes cheese and biscuits plus glass of wine.  Please help, ticket sales are slow, and it would not look good, to turn down the choirs offer to perform.  All proceeds in aid of St Giles, contact Kate Beal 

07843 667882 or the Scribe (contact details below) for tickets

Parish Council - Next meeting  6th July.  Parish Clerk, Jo Green, has asked if we could all be aware of any Himalayan Balsam sprouting up in the banks of the stream, and if it happens to be on or near your patch, and you are able, to remove it

Local Honey - Seems to be in short supply.  If anyone has details of a local supplier, please contact the Scribe, to allow details to be published in the next news Email

Coffee Mornings - We have been very tardy in organising anything for June.  If you are willing to volunteer for July, August or September, please contact the Scribe

News from Nunburnholme -  Still some vacancies for Novice Bell Ringers.  Sessions take place on several Tuesday evenings in the month.  Ann Hill would be delighted to give you details (johnann73@aol.com).  What excellent weather for the Summer Fair, which took place last Saturday (17th June).  Well done Nunburnholme, please forward details and any photos, for us to publish in the next news Email

News from Londesborough - How good is this!  Wednesday 21st June Summer Barbecue.  5.30pm onwards on the site of the Old Hall.  Only cost is food, cooked to order, and drinks.  Prices from £2.50p

Sounds too good to miss, especially if the weather holds, so lets support Londesborough, for what promises to be a great evening

Upwards and onwards

Burnby Scribe

07825 779774

Burnby News Monday 5th June 2017




Well, at last you hear from the Scribe.  Huge apologies for not keeping you abreast of 'Burnby's' goings on, so lets make a start


Saturday 1st July 7.30pm St Giles - Get this date into your diary pronto, fund raiser for St Giles, by the Good Company Choir.  They have performed in St Giles before, and were so impressed with the acoustics, that they have offered to return entirely free of charge.  The good ladies of Burnby will be providing a glass of wine and cheese and biscuits, all for an amazing £5.00.  Remember we also use St Giles as our community centre which means our support is so critical for this wonderful ancient building, so get those tickets ordered from either Kate Beal 07843 667882 kathleenbeal@gmail.com or Carol Gray 07825 779774 thehagues1@hotmail.com to ensure you do not miss out on a convivial and entertaining evening


Burnby in Bloom - Monster thanks to Albert Smith for keeping the verges around The Old Bus Shelter (TOBS) and other places in bloom, cutting the grass and painting wood preserver on the seats.  What a difference it makes as you enter the village, well done Albert.  Also Malcolm and Margaret Gray for ensuring the planter at the entrance to Burnby from Nunburnholme is kept well planted and watered


The Old Bus Shelter (TOBS) - Some poor information followed by heartening news.  The cycle repair kit, bike pump and first aid kit, were all removed from TOBS, and the place left in a bit of a mess.  Albert Smith informed the police and tidied it up.  Rob Mills put up a notice advising visitors of the fact, and mentioned that any donations of equipment would be gratefully received.  Well the good news is that the cycling fraternity ensured the message went viral, and to my knowledge almost everything has been replaced.  A big BOO to the culprits, and thanks to everyone involved in replacing the goods.  If you get the chance have a look in the visitors book, and read those heart warming messages.  As always thanks to Rob Mills for all his efforts in keeping TOBs running


June Coffee Morning - No date as yet, we may abandon till July


Houdini Chickens - In case you missed out on the chase for the escaped chicken, see attached version of events created by the owner of chicken and budding author Ruth Startin


Incidentally, well done and thank you from all the Burnby folk, who attended your pop up restaurant, Ruth, in aid of Mind.  Well done you, a great event


Nunburnholme Summer Fair and BBQ Saturday 17th June 3.00pm 


Hayton Festival Saturday and Sunday 10th and 11th June  Preview evening Friday 9th 7.00pm- 10.00pm tickets and details available from Hayton Service Station



Burnby News - Wednesday 5th April 2017


Well talk about a 'Host of Golden Daffodils' what a sight they have been this year 'Fluttering and Dancing in the Breeze' Thank you Albert for the magnificent display, and the children who have seen the fruits of their planting efforts two years ago, plus those of you who donated the bulbs.  We should plant a few more this year, well done everyone


Superfast Broadband - Yes, this is finally in place.  However, we are told only 42 of the 91, connections in and around Burnby, have been connected, we hope the central core in the village is included,   Investigations are being made.  We know Steve Bargate, (Equestrian Centre) , has tested and reports speeds of up to 70mb, what an improvement.  So contact your provider and discover if you are connected and consider switching. 

Thanks are due to so many people, Rt Hon Ed Vaizey MP, former Minister for Culture and the Digital Economy, and his team, notable Thomas Hall,  whose three page communication, provided us with the direction needed, Rt Hon Sir Greg Knight for his support, Andy Elliott, Principal ICT Project Manager ERYC and David Calvert BT Project Engineer for moving matters forward, and attending and presenting at the residents meeting, the children and those of you, who spoke at the meeting, and all of us who attended, and last but not least, Ward Councillor Mike Stathers (MS) for chairing the meeting, his support and continued chivvying of the principle decision makers, and putting up with a certain Burnby residents incessant barrage of Emails.  Well done everyone, pat yourselves on the back


St Giles Easter Service Egg Rolling and Easter Egg Hunt Sunday 16th April

Coffee Mornings - Next one in May, date and details to follow 


 Ashcourt has advised that the date for the opening morning at the quarry is Saturday 15th July, it is hoped as many Burnby residents, especially children will take advantage of this opportunity, to view the huge pieces of equipment, and discover the processes behind the operation, so suggest you get this date into your diary soonest.  Full details to follow nearer the event


Plans are in process for the proposed slow signs and photos have been taken,  together with the reduction to a maximum speed in Burnby village of 20mph.  Be patient on these points, the drivers including contract drivers, have to be advised in writing, and must then sign to confirm they have received and understand the instruction


Back to lay-bys, Ashcourt (Leaseholders) confirm they will provide FOC from the quarry, materials needed for these.  The quarry owners have indicated verbally, a willingness, subject to certain conditions,  to provide plant and labour.  This leaves ERYC, to provide asphalt, plans of underground services and experience, which is what Jill and Carol wish to discuss with them

Please do not hesitate to contact  for updates. ( Apologies for the length of this missive, but it is an important issue, you need to be aware of)

The Old Bus Stop (TOBS) - Thanks to Rob Mills for providing a first aid kit, following a suggestion from the many cyclists, who now use TOBS facilities, plus producing the sign advising the location and post code of the defibrillator 

Drains - Thanks to MS and Russ Towse (RS) for ensuring completion of the new overflow, in the verge of White house Farm, is completed

MS and RS have worked tirelessly on behalf of Burnby in designing and promoting the drainage scheme discussed in earlier news Emails, thank you for this.  The decision of environment regarding funding is still awaited.  Keep your fingers crossed

Bus Services - Thanks to Linda Emmerson for advising the following, which has been forwarded to the PC

EYBS confirm the S1 Londesborough to Pocklington bus which runs on Tuesdays has been discontinued

The 199 Tuesday Bus  From Huggate, via Warter, Nunburnholme, Burnby and Hayton   to  Pocklington is still running.
Should anyone have a need to use the 199 Bus on a Tuesday,  then it Departs Burnby at  9.41am  and returns from Pocklington  at 11.25am.

Future Events - Friday 7th April - reminder to those of you lucky enough to get tickets - 7.30pm St Giles - The Rise and Fall of the Railway King, George Hudson. 

Saturday 29th April - Curry 'n' Quiz night - see attached poster


Photo in last news Email - Oh dear, no correct answers, as a clue Richard Booty, Rita Hague and David Nicholson are all incorrect.

Suggest you have a further try, if you wont that prize of 'sweets'


News from Nunburnholme - Lisent out for the Hessle Bell ringers, performing in Nunburnholme Church for three hours (phew, that will take some puff) on Thursday 6th April

Also, Nunburnholme will soon have its very own defibrillator, to be housed in the phone box.  Well done Nunburnholme

News from Hayton - Annual Easter Fair and Easter egg hunt, Sunday 9th April 9.30am - 1.30pm


Burnby Scribe

07825 779774


Burnby News Monday 27th March 2017


So much news, the year has finally woken up, and two competitions for you this month, to exercise those little grey cells

Coffee Mornings - Many thanks to Martin and Brenda Elliott-White for a very enjoyable morning spent at Forest Cottage on Friday 24th.  Now for the first competition (sorry but not open to anyone who attended}, who was the 'Male of the Species' who joined us, and was in no way related to the Elliott-White's?  Prize of Easter Bunny to the first correct answer.  No coffee morning in April, Mays will be held at 'Little Turnip' date to follow, with thanks to Daniel and Sara Midgley for volunteering their home for the event

Defibrillator Training - Wow, get yourself into St Giles, 7.00pm Tuesday 28th March, to watch the Ambulance Service demonstrate this life saving bit of kit.  With special thanks to Jo Green, our hard working Parish Clerk for organising and obtaining the grant money necessary to purchase this equipment, and Angus and Trish Mitchell for volunteering their wall

Our New Curate - Rachel Wilson - Well, the secret is out, Rachel is also an artist, so watch this space for details of the exhibitions.

Bee Keeping - Susan Remmer of Gate Farm, for family reasons, is sadly giving up her hobby, and has for sale all her bee keeping equipment, so I suggest you get in touch quickly,by  contacting  her at susan@gatefarm.plus.com, if you are considering becoming a budding bee keeper (and make sure you keep in touch, as lots of us in Burnby will be happy to purchase your local honey)

Ashcourt - Do not hesitate to contact Jill or Carol for updates to the minutes published in the last news Email

Photo Competition - Yes, the photo promised, has finally emerged, and what a corker it is.  So bag of sweets to the first person, to correctly identify the three handsome young men/women in fancy dress.  Plus a further bag of sweets (this is getting expensive) to the first person to correctly  identify who they are depicting  (there is a clue to an event who is happening in Burnby next month)


Quiz  and Curry Night - Fund raiser for Laura Elliott-White's humanitarian trip to Nicaragua.  Evening of Saturday 29th April, in Hayton Village Hall.  Full details to follow

News from Nunburnholme - What an entertaining evening was had at the 'Taste of Japan' evening, last Saturday.  Full marks to all the organisers, especially Emma Jane, for the huge amount of work she had put in, with her usual enthusiasm, to the event.  So good to see the Church brimming with people.  Well done Nunburnholme, you keep us on our toes here in Burnby.  

News from Hayton see below details provided by Caroline, who will be very grateful to hear from you

10th Hayton Easter Fair and Egg Hunt  

Sunday 9th April 9.30 - 1.30

It is brilliant.!!!!!!

Bacon sandwiches, many challenges

Decorated Egg Competition open to all ages (entries to be in by 10.30)

Numbered eggs to find, rabbit in church and eggs to put your name on.

Also young childrens' play area.

We are looking for tombola prizes, plants/ cuttings, books and cakes if any one has any to donate we would be most grateful

Caroline 07733416712

Many thanks


Information from The Scribe - Thank you to everyone who contacts me, with bits and pieces of information, and kind comments, the list of subscribers grows each month.  Just contact me if you wish to be included, with your Email address.  Information is only included if you have approached me specifically with the details, and anyone who no longer wishes to be on the publication list, has only to Email me and they will be 'unsubscribed'.  Publication now goes far beyond Burnby.  Thank you all again

Burnby Scribe

07825 779774

Burnby News Wednesday 22nd March 2017

White House Photo - And the winner is Mervyn Gray who was the closest.  Well done Mervyn, bag of sweets is on its way.  Exact date not known, but thought to be between 1955 and 1960

Next Photo - The Scribe is still trying to locate this photo, which will appear in the April news.  Well worth waiting for, plus there will be several bags of sweets to compete for.  Watch this space!

Coffee Morning - Friday 24th March 10.30am Forest Cottage, Nunburnholme Road, by kind permission of Martin and Brenda Elliott-White. Everyone welcome.  Brenda is looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible

St Giles - Sunday 26th March 9.15am.  Everyone welcome

Nunburnholme News - Reminder of the 'Taste of Japan Evening' on Saturday 25th. See attached poster for full details

Parish Council - Next meeting Thursday 6th April.  Hayton and Burnby Village Hall.  Time and agenda to follow

Ashcourt Update - Jill Startin and Carol Gray have not let the 'grass grow under their feet' following the meeting in St Giles on Friday 9th March.  They met up with 2 representatives of Ashcourt on Tuesday 21st March.  This proved to be a fruitful and enjoyable meeting Some of you are already aware, through the recent contact regarding photos for the proposed signs, and open day details.  Lots of work to do, and everything may not work out as planned, but it is the start of a closer working relationship with Ashcourt, which the minutes confirm they are keen to foster.  Full updates will follow as Jill, Carol and Ashcourt proceed with the plans outlined

Burnby News 10th March 2017

What a month, only the 10th and so much going on, so, if you are sitting comfortable we will begin

Meeting to discuss Ashcourt Issues Thursday 9th March - An exhilarating meeting with plenty of ideas put forward, and which are still being Emailed in, including the below

'Congratulations to Jill and Carol on such a well organised and productive meeting,  They have really put some heart and soul into this and it's so nice to live in a village that has a community that cares so much'

This message also included a very 'wacky' off the wall suggestion, which is what is needed, and will be considered

The meeting ended with the organisers agreeing to forward all suggestions to the Parish Council (PC), they in turn promised to hold a meeting of all interested parties, to which a cadre of Burnby residents would be invited to put their case.  It was suggested this be organised in the next 14 days

Jill and Carol, would still be pursuing matters outside of the PC, so hopefully,  between both parties an amicable working settlement, will be achieved 

Thanks go to the member  of the ERYC highways team, and the PC, for taking the time to attend, and giving us some very valuable insights.  Thanks also to everyone who attended, plus Barbara Wilder and Jill Roberts for providing refreshments

The Hull Daily mail, did not attend, having come over the previous day, to record videos and interviews.  The Daily Mail article is attached, and can also be viewed on line 

Paul Murphy of 'Look North' having read the Hull Daily Mail article contacted us, and did try to make the meeting, but hopefully will be popping over today.  However no lorries so far today, how peaceful and remarkable

Photo from Previous news - Well several suggestions, but non near enough to warrant the prize of a bag of sweets.  Sorry Mervyn, a bit more far back than your suggestion.  Frank, your date is too far back  So a few clues

"The trees in the Churchyard are not on the photo, they were taken down by Mr Lee, in 1955, he was employed by Barchards of Hull, his sister was married to Mr Brown who lived in Blacksmiths Cottage. The Church should have the bill"

So, any other suggestions?  A second go is permitted, and remember that prize!

George Hudson Evening - Friday 7th April - Laura Elliot-White the organiser wishes to thank everyone for their support which has resulted in all tickets being sold.  Well done everyone for backing such a worthwhile event

Drains Committee Update - Plans of the scheme proposed by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, are on view in tSt Giles, for the next few weeks, however do remember, that funding, whilst expected, has not been agreed

Burnby Scribe

07825 779774

Subject: Burnby News - 21st February 2017

Well magically short February is nearly gone, just a few weeks to the clocks going forward, so hunker down, turn the heating up and look forward to barbecue weather

Lots to report on

Thanks to Kate Beal for the excellent coffee morning, much enjoyed by everyone, last week

Next coffee morning Friday 24th March 10.30am Forest Cottage, Nunburnholme Road, by kind permission of Martin and Brenda Elliott-White, everyone welcome

Defibrillator - This has arrived in the village ready for fitting to Angus and Trish Mitchell's barn wall.  Thank you Angus and Trish.  The PC are currently arranging for the date an electrician can fit.  A demonstration by Yorkshire Ambulance Service will take place in St Giles, on Tuesday 28th March 7.00pm.  As many of us as possible need to attend, to ensure we are all okay with the procedure, should it be necessary.  Thanks go to our Parish Clerk, Jo Green, for her  diligence in obtaining grants, and the huge amount of work this has taken her to achieve this happy result

Friday 7th April 7.30pm St Giles - Ensure you have your tickets £7.50 Buffet Supper and a drink, plus the amazing Chris Cade's production of the Rise and Fall of the Railway King ,George Hudson.  Support Laura Elliott-White in her humanitarian trip to Nicaragua with a donation to St Giles.  Contact Brenda Elliott-White baewhite@btinternet.com or Carol Gray thehagues1@hotmail.com 

Burnby Drains - Matters are progressing.  The new drain in the verge of White House Farm, should be completed by the end of March.  For the remaining news see the minutes of the last Fllod Committee meeting.  The Scribe has asked the PC if the proposed plan, which was produced at the meeting, could be put on display in St Giles

Superfast Broadband for Burnby - Hitches are still being unravelled with the ducting.  Ward Councillor Mike Stathers is keeping a close watch on the issue, and will keep us advised


Photo - See below photo forwarded by Trish Mitchell of White House Farm.  Does anyone out there recognise the year this was taken?

Bag of sweets to the first nearest answer advised to the Scribe


Dog Walker - Huge thanks to the residents, who whilst walking their dogs, also collect any rubbish they comes across.  Well done you, accept a pat on the back

Nunburnholme News and the Case of the Disappearing Bus Shelter - Well, relax it has not been lost.  Nunburnholme PC have purchased a brand new super duper shelter for the village, which meant the old one had to be removed by one or two energetic residents, pending the new one being built.  Full details and hopefully photo when in situ

Hayton News - Easter Fair - Sunday 9th April

Scarecrow and Arts and Craft Festival - Friday 9th, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June

Upwards and onwards

Burnby Scribe

07825 779774


Burnby News January 18th 2017


Wow, spring bulbs beginning to emerge in the garden and pots.  Just debating whether or not to bring some indoors, to encourage early flowering


Cannot wait to see 'A host of golden daffodils, beside the lake, beneath the trees, fluttering and dancing in the breeze' as Mr Wordsworth so succinctly put it, and lets not forget the snowdrops and aconites which will be on display in the verges of Middle Street, pretty soon.  So lots to look forward to, including the following

Coffee Morning - at the amazing Kate Beal's, The Old Post Office.  Date in February to be decided.  (date forJanuary has been abandoned, due to the lethargy of the organisers, sorry).  As always everyone welcome

Ashcourt Issues - Ward Councillor Mike Stathers (MS) is hopeful progress is being made, and will advise when he has anything concrete to report.  However, as regards speed and safety issues, it could be that Burnby residents will have organise something themselves.  If this is of interest to anyone (especially mothers) please contact the Scribe.  In the short term we should not detract from anything ERYC, and MS is organising, as we would not wish to jeopardise what ever they are negotiating, however it would do no harm to discuss, what options are available to us, as residents, to ensure we are ready when the time is appropriate

Defibrillator - Jo Green, Parish Clerk has secured funding.  Thank you Jo.  Full details to followCarol Singers - Huge thanks to the singers, and you wonderful residents, who provided alcohol, sweets and encouragement.  Apologies to those of you we failed to visit.  In spite of this an amazing £100.00 was raised, for Burnby's very own St Giles.  Thanks to Mike and Carol Gray for hosting the event

December Quiz - Bag of sweets to the first person to advise the Scribe , of the answer to questions 46 and 50.  Quiz attached in case needed 

Superfast Broadband - Delayed start for Burnby, due to ducting issues

Parish Council - Next meeting Thursday 2nd February.  Everyone welcome

St Giles - Next service Sunday 1st February 9.15am.  Everyone welcome

Chris Cade Monologue - The Rise and Fall of the Railway King George Hudson - Friday 7th April 7.30pm - St Giles.  This is now a definite so get those tickets booked, Chris's evenings are always a sell out, and unfortunately  will be in limited supply, due to the size of St Giles.  Cost 7.50p includes finger buffet and liquid refreshments, proceeds in aid of Laura Elliott-Whites humanitarian trip to Nicaragua 2018, including a donation to St Giles.  Pending fuller details, contact the Scribe for bookings.  What a wonderful opportunity to support one of Burnby's teenagers, in her endeavours to help those less fortunate than ourselves.  Well done Laura

Nunburnholme News - How good is this, and what an amazing use for the redundant telephone box, in Nunburnholme.  The girls of the village are arranging a collection of any old ladies,childrens and mens clothing, in aid of Syrian Refugees.  Simply leave them in the telephone box, and Judy who lives nearby in Garth Cottage, will arrange collection of the bags on a daily basis.  Date of last collection Friday 27th January.  What an opportunity to do a bit of spring cleaning, and get rid of those unwonted clothes to an excellent cause.  Well done Nunburnholme

Upwards and onwards

Burnby Scribe 

017825 779774


Burnby News 20th December 2016


Twas the night before Christmas when all through the night, not a creature was stirring, not even a ........


Well, what ever it was, attached is a quiz, to make your Christmas that extra bit jolly


What a December it has been so far, so much going on, so lets move swiftly on


A Christmas Carol - Huge thanks to everyone who supported this event, making it the success it was, buying tickets, decorating St Giles, donating time and food, etc.  The event was a sellout, so good, and how about the actors, did we realise what talent we had here in Burnby.  One little error the organisers have to confess to.  The bottles of Elder Flower and White Wine were very similar, Oh Dear.  Those of you who got the wrong stuff, apologies, we will try not to let it happen again, and hopefully no one was breathalysed


Incidentally, who ever dealt with the Church Mice, did not make a very good job, they are still in there, and the cat's not proving very helpful either, plus the flat irons disappeared


Christmas Decorations - How welcoming is the village looking, with all those twinkling lights.  Sue Kirby must be singled out, for once again putting on a stunning display.  Well done Sue and everyone else for brightening up Burnby


Tea/Coffee Afternoon - Thanks to Mike and Carol Gray for the 'do' on the 9th  who squeezed everyone in for refreshments and chatter.  Janet McClure made an excellent job of entertaining us in the art of making luxury Christmas Crackers, as did Georgina Curry, with the now annual Christmas Quiz.  Thanks to both of you, and everyone who attended and supported St Giles


Ashcourt - Ward Councillor Mike Stathers (MS) advices that Andy Burton and him, had a meeting with the company on the 12th of this month, to discuss current issues, including the concerns of Burnby residents, regarding speeding lorries, and safety of children, walkers, cyclists horse riders and disabled buggies.  The concerns were taken on board.  Watch this space for further developments.  


Burnby Drains - No news other than MS assures us things are happening.  Parish Councillor Simon Sedcole (SS) continues to remind ERYC.  Parish Councillor Liz Thackeray (LT) did spot on Page 28, of 'Your East Riding', under Roadworks round-up, 'Highway drainage improvements' for Burnby.  Plus, MS warned that there will be some disruption of traffic, when it happens, so watch this space


Superfast Broadband - A blocked duct has caused delays, so perhaps it will not be with Burnby, for the year end, rather during January.  A very refreshing tale, has reached The Scribe, advising how professional, well organised and polite, whilst still managing to put our message across, the meeting in St Giles was viewed by the BT representative present.  His comments received third hand, especially appreciated the input of the children.  Well done Laura and Sasha, MS (who chaired) and  everyone who attended, your attitude and performances (in stark contrast to other area meetings) went a long way to achieving the goal.  Accept a big thank you with a roll of drums and applause


St Giles - What an excellent Carol Service, led by the ever excellent Bronnie Broadhurst.  Thank you Bronnie.  A full house, joyful singing, all rounded off by alcohol and food.  Thank you to all the helpers and contributors, not forgetting the amazing stalwart of the Church and Burnby, Kate Beal, whose birthday it was.  Happy birthday Kate


Next services Christmas Day 9.15am.  Sunday 1st January 9.15am


Did Father/Mummy  Christmas really sneak in and wash the glasses?  A bag of sweets to anyone who can reveal the identity, of the mysterious helper


It's worth mentioning here, that St Giles has two functions, our Church, and also our community centre, all the efforts during the year and this month mentioned by The Scribe, have supported St Giles, in this dual role, and well may it continue


Christmas Card Delivery - Still time to get those cards into St Giles, for delivery by the Elves, in exchange for a small donation.  Thanks to Holly and Jenson Midgley and Josh and Gareth Soukup for their help here


TOBS - Applause to Sasha Elliott-White, for decorating TOBS in all his Christmas finery, including a Christmas Stocking, with a few surprises inside (you need to be quick, or they will all be gone).  Thank you Sasha, also Rob Mills for his diligence in keeping TOBs up-to scratch


Future Events - Thursday 22nd December 6.00pm.  Carol Singers congregate at The Hagues for liquid refreshments and Dutch Courage, before warbling their way round Burnby.  Everyone welcome, join is on the way round, if the start is too early for you


Friday 7th April, 7.30pm in St Giles - Chris Cade performs the Rise and Fall of the Railway King, George Hudson.  Suggest you get this date in your diary, as it will be a sell out performance and tickets will be limited.  George Hudson lived at nearby Londesborough, so very much of local interest.  Burnby's own Laura Elliott-White is organising this event, as part of the fund raising for her trip to Nicaragua in 2018, to assist the local population with their educational needs.  This will be the first of several of Laura's fund raising events, and I have been requested to emphasise that all proceeds from events will be split with local charities.  Full details to follow.  Well done Laura


January Coffee Morning - Further details to follow.  Volunteer would be very welcome, just contact The Scribe


News from Nunburnholme - Regret The Scribe has been tardy in passing information on, and most of the dates are now past.  Apologies, we will attempt to do better in 2017, trust the Carol Singing went well on the 17th.  Please accept Burnby's very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year


Ding Dong Merrily on High, Upwards and Onwards, and very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year


Burnby Scribe

07825 779774

PS apologies for any poor grammar, spelling , errors and omissions

Burnby News Monday 14th November 2016



Bob's Photos -

Well done to Lesley Craven for correctly guessing the location, which was the Cricket Pavilion, around the site of The Old Bus Stop (TOBS), and Mervyn Gray for almost guessing all the people, see below

'The girl in a white dress I believe was Evelyn Milner and the young boy was Edwin Scaife (we knew him as Duke Milner )the older couple were Harold and Eva Milner. They lived in the cricket pavilion'Well my Mole was impressed, but could not resist pointing out, that the girl in the white dress whilst being a Milner, it was not Evelyn Well done Lesley and Melvyn a bag of sweets is winging its way to each of you .

A new photo is attached.  Burnby Scribe received an Email suggesting they go to the village office, so they obediently set off for TOBS, and guess what they found ?  Yes, the attached photo, which appears to be of St Giles, with White House on the right.  Has any one any knowledge of the current location of the picture, plus confirmation of the artists name.

Once again bag of sweets, to the first correct answer received, by the Scribe

Halloween - Well done Holly Midgley and Sasha Elliott-White for decorating TOBS in such great style, and getting Burnby on the map, with a photo in the Pocklington Post, how good is that.  Thank you girls


Also, and most important, thank you to everyone who made the various groups of ghosts and ghouls so welcome, and filled there buckets with sweets.  Well done you constantly generous folks of Burnby.

Phone Box - The box is due to be removed, end of this month.   Anyone with a view as to why it should remain must contact Parish Councillor Simon Sedcole - simon.sedcole@btinternet.com.  A question mark is buzzing aound the Scribe's head, that there is a argument for the PC to purchase it for £1.00 from BT, however there needs to be a reason and use for it, if this action is taken.  Feel free to contact the Scribe if you wish to discuss prior to making a decision and contacting Simon.

Burnby Drains - Noises coming from ERYC sound promising, however nothing concrete to report and suggest none of us start 'counting any chickens' yet!  Watch this space.

Defibrillator - Parish Clerk Jo Green, is putting an enormous amount of effort into finding a grant for this.  Further details to follow.

Superfast Broadband - Waiting for confirmation on the following, so quell any celebrations until we know it's official. Today stopped some Outreach guys in Burnby, and enquired what they were working on.  They told me they were laying fibre optic cabling!!!. They were real, I touched them.  Just hope this is not a wonderful dream.  Full details to follow.

Parish Council - Next meeting Thursday 1st December - agenda to follow.  Plus see previous comments above.

St Giles Burnby - Next Service Sunday 4th December 9.15pm.

Dates for your Diary

Wednesday 16th November - Coffee/Tea Afternoon 2.00pm  at Sykes Farm, by kind permission of Simon and Jane Sedcole.  Sykes Farm is reputed to be one of the oldest houses in Burnby, and is well documented in 'A guide to Local Studies in East Yorkshire' so well worth a visit.  As always Jane offers a warm welcome to everyone

Thursday 1st December - The Elves will have delivered the Christmas sack, to St Giles, ready for your Christmas cards, which they have once again agreed to deliver to Burnby addresses, in return for a small donation.  Last collection Friday 23rd December.  Thank you Elves.

Friday 2nd December - Watch local actor Chris Cade, perform Dickens gently haunting 'A Christmas Carol' in the atmospheric St Giles., and enjoy a finger buffet and glass of wine, to boot.  Miss this at your peril,  contact the Scribe for details and tickets.  Everyone welcome.

 Sunday afternoon 27th November to join in the fun of dressing St Giles in his Christmas splendour, ready for his role in Chris's performance.

Friday 9th December 2.00pm - Christmas tea/coffee afternoon at The Hagues, by kind permission of Mike and Carol Gray.  Wow, includes a demonstration by the talented Janet McClure of how to cheat at making amazing Christmas crackers.  Join in the fun, meet new friends, and enjoy a good natter.  Everyone welcome.

Friday 16th December 7.30pm - Carol Service in St Giles.  Miss this at your peril, Bronnie Broadhurst will be putting together the usual 'inventive' and hugely anticipated service.  Who knows what she has in store this year!  Everyone welcome.

Thursday 22nd December 6.00pm - Carol singers congregate at The Hagues, for a liquid warm up, before warbling their way round the village.  Everyone welcome to join in, the ability to sing is not a requirement!

Nunburnholme News - How good is this - see HMS Pinafore performed in Nunburnholme Church the evening of Saturday 19th November.  Full details from Ann Hill  - johnann73@aol.com or the Scribe.

Hayton News - Chilli night Saturday November 19th 7pm

Following details provided by Caroline Wagstaff 07733416712.  Please contact Caroline with any responses 

Dinner: Baked potatoes, chilli, ratatouille, cheese, baked beans..... followed by fruit crumble and custard. £6 each

We will have a quiz and a raffle ( any prizes appreciated!!!)

A reminder, please let me know if you want tickets to the chilli night, or get them at the garage. We need to know in order to cook the correct amount of food required. (Thanks to those of you who have already booked / paid for tickets).

There will be a fire so you will not be cold!

Burnby Scribe

07825 779774



The amazing actor Chris Cade, will be bring Dickens  ‘A Christmas Carol ‘ to life, as only he can on: -
Friday 2nd December 7.30pm,
Includes finger buffet and glass of wine all for £7.50 (Children free, providing they are happy to sit on the floor)
Tickets are limited, due to the charming but tiny size of St Giles, so get in early, and see him decorated in all his Christmas finery, including candles and Christmas tree
All proceeds towards this  splendid gentleman’s upkeep
Please contact Kate Beal (07843 667882 kathleenbeal@gmail.com) or Carol Gray (07825 779774 thehagues1@hotmail.com) for tickets for what promises to be an amazing evening



Burnby News September
A Riddle - Has anyone any information concerning Moat Farm, Mrs Ridsdale, a nail and a parrot?
October Coffee Morning  Friday 21st at mystery location. Full details to follow.
Superfast Broadband The Pocklington to Burnby duct is due to be assessed this month as to its suitability for Superfast connection, as part of the costing process, which will include other factors.  As soon as anything further is heard, you will be the first to know.  Thanks are due to Mike Stathers, for keeping on top of this issue on our behalf
St Giles Burnby Harvest festival Friday 14th October
The old Bus Shelter (TOBS) Every time I pop in there is a further improvement, well done and thank you Rob and Maralyn Mills.  The comments in the visitors book are well deserved
Burnby in Bloom Wow, what a good show you have put on for us this year, Albert.  September and still in bloom, thank you for all the thought and effort you put into this
Nunburnholme Volunteer Bell Ringers Required - How good is this, and what a way to keep fit.  If a few of us got our heads together, it would allow Nunburnholme to arrange a demonstration
It was good to chat with you today.  Hope the following is helpful and creates some interest from Burnby residents!! 
A bell ringing band of people, from Nunburnholme and the surrounding area, was formed just over five years ago.  Currently we are a group of between 7 - 10 people who meet every Tuesday evening from 7pm until 8.30pm to practise ringing at St James' Church. 
There are six great reasons to learn bell ringing!
1)  Age doesn't matter, young or old.
2)  It is an excellent hobby to keep physically and mentally fit.
3)  You do not have to be musical to ring.
4)  Ringing is a great team building and social hobby.
5)  It is free.
6)  We need you to ensure our church continues to ring for Sunday services twice a month.......
I suggest that when we know how many residents from Burnby are interested, we can then organise a demonstration session either during the day or an evening to show how the bells work.
Kind Regards
Burnby - How good is this, check out the below list, and get those dates in your calendar.  Also thank you to all of you who responded to the request for volunteers to hold coffee morning/tea afternoons, below are the results
October Friday 21st - 10.30pm coffee morning. Mystery location, to follow
November Coffee Morning -Date to follow, Simon and Jane Sedcole, Old Sykes Farm, Burnby
December Friday 2nd - 7.30pm be prepared to be bewitched and bedazzled, by the one and only Chis Cade's monologue of Dicken's a 'Christmas Carol' in St Giles, Burnby.  Full details to follow
December Friday 9th - Christmas tea afternoon, Carol and Mike Gray, The Hagues, Burnby
December Friday 16th - 7.30pm St Giles Carol Service
December Wednesday or Thursday 21st or 22nd - Burnby Carol singers will be out in force
Burnby Scribe
07825 779774



I was reminded of the below, by a 94 year old who knew the whole poem off by heart, so thought it worth repeating a few brief lines here


What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.
No time to stand beneath the boughs
And stare as long as sheep or cows.  A poor life this if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare


Superfast Broadband (SFB)-Thank you to everyone who attended Wednesday meeting (17th).  Be warned it is not a 'done deal'.  The good news is that we are being assessed this year, for possible inclusion in the late 2017 rollout.  To stand any chance of being included, we need to be below the financial 'cap'.  If we are above the 'cap' that is when our real battle begins.  I show below response to my note of thanks to ERYC Andy Elliott-well done Laura and Sasha

Hello Carol, 
I've passed on your email to Dave. Thank you very much for inviting us and I'm glad you found it useful. 
It was good to meet such an engaged and informed group, including Laura and Sasha who got their point across very well! 
As agreed, I'll respond to Councillor Stathers as soon as I hear more. 
Thanks again 


Flood Committee Meeting 18th August-ERYC have not yet responded to Ward Councillor Mike Stathers, regarding O/S Burnby matters.  Let us hope we hear from them for next meeting on Thursday 29th September.  Committee Chair Simon Sedcole will be contacting all riparian owners regarding recent Beck walk


Ward Councillor Mike Stathers-Many thanks to Mike for all the assistance he is currently giving Burnby on three fronts, drains, SFB and quarry lorries.  We must have become something of a full-time job.  Plus Mike is also organising the below


Shiptonthorpe News-Sunday 4th September, Games, Garden Day and Autumn Buffet to take place at 'The Old Vicarage'.  Roll up, roll up and join the fun.  Full details attached


The Old Bus Shelter(TOBS)-Wow, alongside Angus and Trish Mitchell's wall art, this is quickly becoming Burnby's biggest tourist attraction, and now houses a cycle repair kit.  Have you spotted the latest comment in the visitors book.  'Gerard et Veronque Bour, Rambouiliet, France.  En 30 zans de cyclocamping jamais vu atret de bus oussil exceptionuel, merci o'ous oeurt qui i'entretiennent'.  It would be terrific if anyone out there can translate this into Burnby speak


St GilesNews-All age worship Sunday 4th September 9.15am


Coffee Mornings-Would be good to hear of any volunteers to cover September, October and November


Burnby Beck and Route 66-Is the Beck part of route 66, or had this cyclist lost his way? 

Potatoes-Have you noticed what splendid plants, Gareth Soukup and Albert Smith were responsible for planting near TOBS.  If they are ready they may be suitable for entering in the below event!


Defibrillator-Our excellent Parish Clerk, Jo Green, has been working on a grant application, and met with the charity concerned, with a Burnby representative recently to put our case.  Well done and thank you Jo


Hayton News-Sunday 4th September-Alternative fun produce Show (Details attached)


Nunburnholme News-Good to see a representative from Nunburnholme at the last flood committee meeting


Parish Council-Next meeting Thursday 1st September.  Flood committee Thursday 29th September


Funny feeling, I may have missed something, apologies if this is the case

Upwards and onwards


Burnby Scribe

07825 779774



Superfast Broadband - Meeting in St Giles Burnby - Wednesday 17th August 7.00pm 




Roll of drums, to confirm that the above meeting will take place, commencing 7.00pm.  Event should be wrapped up in around 1 hour, if everyone is succinct in their approach and presentations

Ward Councillor Mike Stathers will chair the event, the speakers being Andrew Elliott, Principal ICT Project Manager,and responsible for Broadband East Yorkshire and unless last minute changes take place, David Calvert BT project engineer

The loose agenda will be along the lines of:-

1.  Opening welcome and introductions by the Chair, Mike Stathers

2.  Selected brief speeches from the audience, who will be called by the Chair

3.  Presentation by Andrew Elliott and David Calvert

4.  Question and answer session

5.  Action Plan for the future and closing speech

6.  Coffee and biscuits


The objective of the meeting is to ensure Superfast Broadband is rolled out to Burnby and surrounding area, within a given timescale

Representatives from Londesborough and Hayton, who have similar issues to Burnby, will also be in attendance

Everyone welcome, please do your best to attend, the more the merrier, strength in numbers is really critical, in ensuring our objective is met, and we are not left behind 

Any queries, feel free to contact Carol Gray on 01759 304439 or 07825 779774



Burnby News July 2016 




What a strange sight I saw today.  Outside my kitchen window, I spied,  two baby squirrels devouring roses, which happened to be clambering up an apple tree.  So intent were their on the task, that I feared they would splash, into the pond below.  So odd, I had no idea Squirrels ate roses


On with the news


Drains - The overflow pipe has been laid in the grass verge of White House as promised, not sure if it is complete, but no doubt we will find out at the meeting on Thursday 21st July (everyone welcome) at 7.30pm in Hayton and Burnby Village Hall.  Ward Councillor Mike Stathers will be in attendance.  In anticipation a resident has swept debris out of the culverts, pending the village organizing a band of volunteers, to clear the tops of the culverts on a regular basis, to hopefully stop them silting up


More on this in the future


The issue remains of an overgrown hedge, blocking the entrance to a culvert


The verge has been reseeded, where the overflow pipe was laid. However the disruption has caused a lot of stones to come to the surface.  Do not despair on this, in the spirit of turning a negative into a positive, Mr and Mrs Craven have come up with the following solution.  They will pay a whole pound to Burnby children, who fill a bucket of stones, collected from the reseeded verge, be warned the buckets are big, but there is, as yet, no limit on how many buckets a child can fill!


Full details to follow


Himalayan Balsom - This has been spotted by a resident, growing next to the bridge.  To avoid it getting out of control, we may have to have a get together of a few willing hands to remove it.  Lets keep our eyes on it and see how it develops, and make a decision later in the month


Ashcourt Lorries - The recent meeting between Ashcourt, Burnby, Nunburnholme and Londesborough Parish Councillors, and other interested parties, chaired by Ward Councillor Andy Burton (this was a closed meeting) was discussed very briefly at this weeks Parish Council meeting.  Little to report on until the minutes are released at Septembers proposed meeting


Superfast Broadband - Those of us with an interest, with the help of Ward Councillor Mike Stathers, have been pursuing this with East Riding of Yorkshire Council.  The assistance of Right Hon. Ed Vaisey MP, Minister of State for Culture and Digital Economy has also been sought.

Interestingly, Nunburnholme has gone someway to solving their issues by moving to a satellite system provided by Quickline Communications


The Old Bus Stop (TOBS) Grass and Flowers NHW - As always huge thanks to Albert, for keeping the village in bloom and the grass cut.  Your efforts do not go unnoticed, Albert, well done.  Likewise Rob, for keeping everyone informed with what is happening in the localty via NHW bulletins, and TOBS, how good is that, if you have not taken a look recently, do so, it really is a credit to Burnby.  Roll of drums and applause for Rob


Parish Council (PC) - A suggestion from a resident has been taken up by the PC, to request ERYC to install a 'Slow Down - Children Sign' near to Station House


Feral Cat - The cat and kittens had moved on, before they could be captured.  Who said cats do not have a sixth sense!


Defibrillator - Jo the Parish Clerk, is currently getting documents together in anticipation of grant funding becoming available in September


Queens Birthday and St Giles  - Wow, after all costs the Famous Five (Kate Beal, Sara Midgley, Julia Soukup, Jill Roberts and Carol Gray) made a profit of £270.00.  This was never the intention, but was achieved  by your huge generosity.  So the following has been decided, having taken our lead from the way the Nunburnholme girls organize their events.  £50.00 has been donated to St Giles. 

 The remaining £220.00 is to be used to fund further fund raisers, for what ever causes come our way. Feel free to make your suggestions to us, it is after all your money. The first event is already being organized - wait for it - By popular demand, the return of Chris Cade, performing Dickens 'A Christmas Carol'  in St Giles on Friday evening 2nd December.

Be prepared to be wowed and surprised, the girls are already relishing the task of creating a Victorian Christmas atmosphere, lots of candles and a Christmas tree are already on the agenda for St Giles.  Be afraid , be very afraid Mr Hewitt, with Mrs Clinton in the White House, Angela Merkel in Germany, and Teresa May in Downing Street, who knows what the girls of Burnby will get up to!


 Also for those of you who like to be organized, the Carol Service this year, will be on Friday 16th December, with the usual Carol Singers braving the elements, the following week


July Coffee Morning - Thanks to the generosity of John and Jill Roberts, everyone is welcome at Lime Trees on Friday 29th July, 10.30am.  John has a wonderful rose garden, which weather permitting we will all enjoy


Upwards and onwards


Burnby Scribe 

07825 779774



Schools out (almost), Summers in, let the drama stop, and the fun begin


Some late news, best you are aware of


Cat and Kittens Update - Thanks from Neil and Andrea, to the kind person who left a supply of cat food, at their back door, much appreciated


Hunt - Sunday 3rd July - Meets at 11.00am at The Equestrian Centre, in Burnby, for 12.00 noon departure.  Sue Bargate extends an invite to us all






Important - Change of date for drains meeting and Request for Help - New date Thursday 21st July, 7.30pm in Hayton and Burnby Village Hall.  Ward Councillor Mike Stathers will be attending, and provide full update of progress to date


Chairman of the drains/flood committee, Councillor Simon Sedcole will preside, everyone welcome.  It's important we show our support for ERYC, and act on their suggestions to ensure we obtain the best possible outcome.  With this in mind the Parish Council (PC) will be requesting assistance from all residents whose properties border highway culverts, to help keep them clear of debris, on a regular basis, especially after grass cutting and Autumn fall of leaves


As a starter one or two of us, will walk the village with shovel and wheelbarrow, and do a general clear up. We would hope that you can take over after this, but more to follow in a later news Email following the meeting on the 21st


Likewise, it would be good, if any residents who have been advised that hedges need attention, ensure ERYC workers with equipment, have access to the drains which hedges have grown over, before the 21st if at all possible. Your help is greatly appreciated.  If anyone has any worries/issues with this please make contact via The Scribe



The Old Bus Shelter (TOBS) - Stop and take a look, at Rob's recent additions


Books and magazines added in a new rack, plus a note to invite other sorts of items, any of us may wish to donate, plus, (and this is a brilliant idea, Rob), a notepad and pencil for people to jot down notes.  Remember here that the newly installed bike rack, and outside seat, was provided by Rob, as a result of a suggestion by a Burnbyite.  You are a star Rob, thank you


Coffee Morning - Thanks to Barry and Anne Ward for the excellent and relaxed morning they provided last Thursday (24th), good weather meant we could sit outside, throw our stresses away, and enjoy the vision in blue of Delphiniums and Campanulas.  Plus so good to see and chat to old friends Mervyn and Jane Gray, who managed to attend


Venue for July's event to follow


Nunburnholme News - Take a look at www.nunburnholmekilnwickpercypc.co.uk/

A question springs to mind - would it be too ambitious to aim for something similar for Burnby, and do we have the expertise and enthusiasm?  We already have www.haytonandburnbypc.co.uk/ which is diligently updated by Parish Clerk Jo Green, with expert advice could this be reformatted/updated and expanded? 


Upwards and onwards or should it be 'Toodle Pip'?


Burnby Scribe

07825 779774


Burnby News Mid June 2016




What , I hear you say, no quotes.  Well yes, sorry, a bit short of inspiration this morning, must be all the energy being expelled, on the never ending weeding, in the back garden.  What I have noticed, in this patch of Burnby, is the Sparrow Hawk zooming around, but sadly no woodpecker, but I have heard the cuckoo.  A lone Red Kyte, often glides overhead, I wonder if there is a nest in the vicinity?  Enough rambling, and on with the news


Tortoishell cat with kittens - Neil Marston of Moat Farm has forwarded the below

We've found a cat with a litter of 4 kittens in a secluded part of our garden. The mother is tortoiseshell and without a collar. Does anybody own such a cat that is no longer pregnant?

I've arranged for the RSCPA to come along on Sunday with a view to trapping the cat and taking it and her kittens into their care. To aid the trapping the RSPCA man has asked that if anybody else is feeding the cat could they no longer do so. This will make trapping easier as she is more likely to enter the trap to take the food which we are now putting out twice a day.

The RSPCA man also asked if there were any feral cats in the vicinity, so if anybody knows of any could they tell me please. My number is 07792 802922. If anyone owns the cat please pop around before Sunday


June Coffee Morning - 10.30am this Friday (24th June) at Manor Farm, by kind permission of Barry and Ann Ward.  All welcome, so lets all meet up for a chat and coffee, and hope for fine weather, to allow us to sit and enjoy the garden

The Old Bus Shelter (TOBS) Grass and Blooms - TOBS Goes from strength to strength, thanks to Rob Mills, who has now installed a rack for local publications.  As commented to me recently, it is being well used, judging by the amount of rubbish in the litter bin.  Plus together with Alberts efforts, in keeping the grass cut and flowers blooming, the entrance to the village from Pocklington, looks really welcoming.  Likewise Malcolm and Margaret Gray's floral display, under the Burnby sign, as you enter the village from Nunburnholme, never fails to take me by surprise, and once again is a lovely welcome to the village.  Well done, Rob, Albert, Malcolm and Margaret, and thank you
Drains - Next meeting 7.30pm in Hayton and Burnby Village Hall, Thursday 2st July.  Committee hopes Ward Councillor, Mike Stathers will be in attendance.  Everyone welcome
Parish Council - 7.30pm Thursday 7th July agenda to follow
St Giles -  Family service 9.15am, Sunday 3rd July, preacher Rodney Nicholson.  Rumour has it this could be a 'Pets' service.  I will confirm on this point soonest.  It's worth mentioning here, the huge amount of work, Chris and Julia Soukup do (mostly unseen) in keeping St Giles, which we also use as our 'Community Centre' functioning, and also clean and tidy.  You are appreciated, and thank you
Bridge over the Beck - following the recent incident, when the bridge suffered minor damage, caused by equipment being delivered by Ashcourt, ERYC had the bridge examined by their bridge engineer, who gave it a clean bill of health.  It's worth mentioning here, that the bridge is inspected by ERYC bridge team every 2.5 years
Super Fast Broadband - Be aware that the recent letter some of you may have received from ERYC is very misleading.  There are no plans for the majority of Burnby residents to receive Super Fast Broadband.  If in any doubt suggest you check with ERYC, as some of us have already done
Nunburnholme News - Pop up Archaeology exhibition in Nunburnholme Church Thursday 23rd June  (Polling Day).  Also visit www.nunburnholmewithkilnwickpercypc.co.uk for details of this heritage project
Londesborough Seventy First Annual Produce Show - Sunday 23rd July.  Well worth a visit.  Doors open 2.00pm entrance fee 25p.  However if you plan to exhibit, all entries need to be at the Concert Hall for 11.00am, 25p for each entry children 10p
Upwards and onwards
Burnby Scribe
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Interesting Visitor to Burnby - Wednesday 15th June 2016


I  recently received the below Email from John Hewitt, which so impressed me, that I requested John's permission to forward to everyone on the Burnby and surrounding area contact list

On reading Roy's facebook page I spotted the below comment;-

'One of Roy's interests is Churches, especially those which keep their doors open, even on days when services are not being held, rather than locking them.  He believes this is very telling of a places culture'

Enough said!  Well done Burnby, especially,Sara, Albert (who he also met) and John

Burnby Scribe

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On Wednesday afternoon I received a ‘phone call to tell me that there was a tramp camping in Burnby churchyard. I went across straight away to see if he was okay and if he needed any help. He was a very pleasant chap and said that he would be very grateful for some clothes and food. I told him that the Church was open and that there was a water tap in there for him to use. I went home and got him some suitable clothes and then Sara Midgley called to see me and offered to take him some food. I went back to the churchyard and gave him some clothes and some cash. He said that he would be leaving in the morning and we had a brief chat about what he was planning to do. I found this chat so interesting that I decided to have another chat with him the next morning but when I got up he had gone. I assumed that he would be heading towards Pocklington and I found him in the Market Place.
We started to chat and he told me about his life and we ended up chatting for nearly an hour. He comes from Llanelli in south Wales and he has walked  all round Europe as far as Turkey and this trip took him six years. He has walked all round western Australia and all round the USA. He told me that he has a Facebook page under his name of Roy Huball and it shows maps of his travels and with photographs of him with people he has met all over the world. In every photograph he has a big beaming smile. He really is a delightful and interesting man. He is clearly an educated and intelligent man and he was immaculately clean and in clean clothes. He is a man who has chosen a totally different lifestyle to most of us. I think that he is what the Americans call a “hobo” and certainly he is not a vagrant or someone who is down on his luck.He is currently heading for Aberdeen. 
He told me that as he is nearly 60 years old that he will head back to the south Wales coast where he will spend the winter living in a wood on the coast where he can get good shelter from the cold and rain.
When I went into our Church he had left a thank you message in our visitors book and he had left behind some of the clothes I had given to him as I had suggested he should if there were any items that didn’t fit him or suit his needs.
He asked for the email address of our Parish office and he may well send a message to Marilyn for inclusion in The Link.
I feel privileged to have met him. His Facebook pages are worth a look.


Queens Birthday Celebration Party - Burnby - 12th June 2016




'The quality of mercy is not strained.  It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven, upon the place beneath'.  Well Mr Shakespeare, it did not gently drop, but came down like stair rods upon 'White House'


However in true British and Burnby spirit, we all had a jolly good time


Thanks are due to so many, Daniel and Sara Midgley, with Chris and Julia Soukup and all the helpers for the amazing sports.  Kate Beal and John Roberts for the splendid raffle, the girls who carved the pig, Jill Roberts, Brenda Elliott-White, Kate and Carol.  


Huge relieve from us all that Mrs Craven, did not ask for Piggy's head to make brawn, or the trotters for pork pie, as not sure any of us were up to the task of removing them.  Great that Oliver Willison, via his Dad Frank, was delighted to take the remains for his ferrets, thank you Oliver.    Not forgetting Tina Andrews who claimed the ears for her dogs, and Albert Smith who we presented with the tail. So no waste, how good is that


Paul Andrews, Andy Dower, John Hewitt, Daniel, Alex Crewe and Dad in Law, Martin Elliott-White plus Mike and Ben Gray for the huge task of erecting the gaze-bows, bringing over tables from the Church, all kind of other bits and bobs which needed doing, and finally dismantling everything and returning 


Nick East and the Goujons, what stars, playing their hearts out, singing, and lugging all that equipment to and fro.  It would not have been the same without you guys, you lifted the atmosphere, thank you so much, we hope we can entice you back, your music was much praised, what a great bunch of musicians you are


Simon and Jane Sedcole, for the rounders, which everyone was looking forward to, but had to be abandoned.  Do not relax, we may fit it in later in the year


The amazing Angus and Trish Mitchell, without whom non of this would have been possible, thank you so much (not forgetting Tim Peak whose timely advice to Angus, made it possible to repair and fire the rocket, after it had a little accident)


Last, but not least, all of you, who supported the event, whether by attending or donating, in all kind of ways, thank you.  There are already calls to have a similar annual event in Burnby, would be good to have your views on this


Lots of photographs, if you have any would be good if you would forward to thehagues1@hotmail.com


Upwards and onwards








PS Check St Giles for any lost property.  Oven tray, umbrella and shooting stick when last looked

Sara Midgley - sara.midgley@homecall.co.uk - 01759 305519
Julia Soukup - juliasoukup65@gmail.com - 07774 898796
Carol Gray - thehagues1@hotmail.com - 01759 304439
Burnby News June 2016
Glorious Bank Holiday, how good was the weather, lots to report so lets move on
Parish Council (PC) - Next meeting Thursday 2nd June 7.30pm.  Drains committee meet beforehand at 6.30pm.  Agendas attached, everyone welcome.  Incidentally all minutes can be viewed on the PC website www.haytonandburnbypc.co.uk/
Defibrillator ongoing, just waiting for funding to recommence
Coffee Mornings - Next coffee morning courtesy Barry and Ann Ward, of Manor Farm.  10.30am Friday 24th June, as always, everyone welcome
Thanks to Geoff and Janet Kelly for hosting the May event, an excellent morning was had by all, with plenty of chatter and news, thank you Geoff and Janet
Fund Raiser for the Queens Birthday - Wow, what an evening, thanks to the efforts of the 'Famous Five' Kate Beal, Jill Roberts, Sara Midgley, Julia Soukup and Carol Gray.  But more importantly to all of you, the audience, (even those of you who could not attend) and contributed raffle prizes, cash, food, wine, time, served food and bought tickets.  One generous resident donated the entire actors fees, how good is that.  Thanks to everyone of you
Chris Cade was excellent in his monologue of the 'Home Guard' in York, it was an emotional roller coaster for one member of the audience, who was a pupil at Poppleton School, at the time it was bombed (during the night, so no school the next day) and was mentioned by Chris.
The sing song rounded things off nicely, and no one had to sit on the floor, as one or two who had purchased tickets, for whatever reason, could not make it on the night.  Well done everyone, (not forgetting Chris Soukup and Celia Hewitt who did most of the washing up)
Amount raised to follow
Queens Birthday - Sunday 12th June - this demands a full Email to itself, Kate, Jill, Julia, Sara and Carol meeting this evening to plan events.  Details to follow, later this week
St Giles - Next service - Holy Communion Sunday 5th June 9.15 am.  Incidentally, what you may not know, Burnby has a published author,  who donated three books, to be auctioned at the above fund raiser, the proceeds to go towards St Giles upkeep.  The one condition was that the identity of the author was not to be revealed.  Well, the auction started, with no mention of the name, when a loud young voice piped up -' I know who it is, it's ?'.  Thank you Gareth, we could not have scripted that, and what a laugh it raised, together with £45.00 for St Giles, many thanks to the bidders and mystery author, we look forward 'Jinxerypokery 3'
This and That - Not only does Albert keep Burnby 'in bloom' he also gives gardening lessons.  Look out for the potatoes Gareth Soukup planted under Albert's supervision
Did anyone see Tim Peak on TV last night, reading from the Spaceman book, illustrated by Burnby's Nick East?
Incidentally, as most of you will be aware, copies of all Burnby Scribe Emails are posted on the two notice boards in Burnby, the one near the telephone box and in The Old Bus Shelter, to ensure no one misses out on the news.  Also, it's worth mentioning, that whilst The Scribe may be many things, they are not mind readers, you must advise your Email address, if you wish the news to be communicated this way, whether or not you live in Burnby
Nunburnholme News - thanks for supporting Burnby's fundraiser.  Details of future events to follow 
Upwards and onwards
Burnby Scribe
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Burnby News for May 2016
Brr Brr, is it me or is it really, really cold.  Okay for those of you in the South of France.  Yes, you know who you are.  Leading on, approx. 10 days ago a mother duck and her 10 newly hatched ducklings appeared on the pond.  Not seen them since, so hope they have survived the cold, and the Water Hens hang on a shade longer before producing their brood
Lots of news, so lets get on with it
Neighbourhood Watch - What an excellent job Rob Mills is doing, in keeping us all informed.  Thank you Rob, keep up the good work, much appreciated
Coffee Morning - Friday 20th May, 10.30am courtesey of Geoff and Janet Kelly, Station House.  Not only is Janet's china a joy (Hyacinth Bucket would be so envious) we are normally blessed with good weather at Station House, so lets keep fingers and toes tightly crossed for the sunshine.  As always, everyone welcome, the more the merrier
St Giles - John and Jill Roberts answered our plea for a replacement for Henry, by offering Henrietta, an up market Miele cleaner.  Thank you John and Jill, very generous of you
Burnby Drains - A bit of positive news at last.  Recently Andrea Marston, as a private individual, received a reply from DEFRA, to a letter she wrote to the Right Hon Liz Truss Secretary of State for DEFRA.  Reply attached, which has been forwarded to the drains committee, who are following up with ERYC
Before we get too carried away, the scheme is only a proposal for 2017/18, however it mentions the potential to pull it through to 2016/17
This proposal does follow on an idea outlined verbally by Steve Roberts, ERYC drainage manager.  He also mentioned the likely hood of making Burnby's issues his No 2 priority this year.  So perhaps we have Steve to thank for this development!  Watch this space for progress
Parish Council - Date of next PC meeting (which will also encompass the annual meeting) and drains committee to follow
Fund Raiser Friday 27th May - Poster attached.  Thank you for the positive responses, and especially the donations from those unable to make the event.  Burnby's generosity never ceases to amaze me.  Accept a Hip, Hip Hooray, you wonderful folk
The Raffle prizes look amazing, tickets £1.00 available from Kate Beal or Carol Gray
Queens Birthday Party Bash - Sunday 12th June - Full details to follow, but just a few of the events being discussed/booked.  Sports events being organized by Sara and Daniel Midgley, (remember what a huge success they made of the Jubilee sports) able assisted by Chris and Julia Soukup.  Band, watch this space for further news, Hogg roast, Fancy Dress, Rounders, Ice cream van and what ever else we can dream up
Incidentally, any one with a gazebo, or open sided tent, they would be happy to loan us for the day, please contact The Scribe with details
The Old Bus Shelter - mystery now solved, a new bike rack has appeared.  A very useful addition to what is proving to be a popular stopping off point for cyclists and ramblers alike.  Well done and thank you to our superstar Rob Mills
Londesborough News - What a great evening, the Pocklington School Swing Band provided, all rounded off with a delicious hog roast.  Well done Londesborough (See attached photo)
Nunburnholme News - Songs of Praise Sunday 1st May.  Feed back from Burnby friends who attended reported a first class evening of song, well done and thank you Nunburnholme
Upwards and onwards
Burnby Scribe
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A Bit of a Do - St Giles  - Friday 27th May 7.30pm

Whilst organizing the birthday event for the Queen on Sunday 12th June (more on this in a later bulletin) we realized we needed some funding to provide for prizes etc
In our search for an interesting fund raiser, we came across this amazing actor, Chris Cade www.chriscade.co.uk, who performs monologues, a bit in the Alan Bennett style, but more light hearted.  His performances are poignant and funny at the same time, and amazingly, he has agreed to perform his WW11 Home Guard monologue, which could include a bit of singing,  here in Burnby, on the above date, 7.30pm in St Giles.  £7.50 per person with a glass of wine and sweet and savoury nibbles, how good is that
Children free, providing they are happy to sit on the floor, if chairs are scarce
Family and friends all welcome
We are limited to 60 in the Church, and hope for a high demand, so to calculate numbers, we are pleading for a speedy response to Kate or me
Take care
Carol 07825 779774
Kate 07843 667882


Burnby News April 2016

I woke up this morning looking for inspiration to write this piece, and realized how easy it is to forget, what an amazing gift life really is, and how having a positive outlook is a crucial part to ensuring we enjoy, explore and seek inspiration everyday.  So here is my saying of the month
 'Life in 10% what happens to us, and 90% how we react to it'
Do you have an inspirational saying, if so, please pass it on to The Scribe (No doom and gloom, please) and if it is 'printable' it will be included in the next news item.  Incidentally, shortly after writing this, the below 'Scoop' arrived, how timely is that
Amazing Inspirational Story from yesterday (13th) - Hayton Service Station not only deliver excellent service, but as of 13th April also deliver babies!  How good is that, and what a saving to the NHS.  Diane, able assisted by the rest of the crew, delivered a baby girl on the forecourt yesterday, to a customer, who could 'hang on no longer'.  Well, we knew you were good down there in Hayton, Neil, with car surgery, but humans!  Incidentally, the question on our lips is, where were you at the time and Burnby's Daniel?  Congratulations and well done everyone 
Our Henry - to the 50% of you who guessed correctly, congratulations, Henry is (was) St Giles hoover, not a cat/dog or living person.  So to put it bluntly, he has been 'nicked'.  If any of you good people out there have or know of anyone with a spare hoover, which is in need of a good home, St Giles would be delighted to offer him lodgings (contact The Scribe with details)
Coffee mornings - Well done and thank you to Sara Midgley, Holly and Jenson for the excellent spread they put on earlier this month, much enjoyed.  Location and date of Mays event to follow
Superfast Broadband - Thanks to those of you showed interest.  Contact in the future will be by individual Emails
It's a Rollover - Thanks to everyone who submitted your ideas for what Angus and Trish's new mural would be, and regret no one guessed correctly (sorry Mervyn, not even you) It was 'The Ashes', so the promised bag of sweets rolls over, to when the next mural appears.  Thanks to Angus and Trish for giving us so much fun, and putting Burnby on the map
Queens Birthday - 12th June, watch this space for a very interesting and amusing fund raiser, we may be running in May
Neighbour Hood Watch (NBH) and The Old Bus Shelter TOBS - Thanks to Rob for his regular updates and Rob, what is going on behind the orange netting at TOBS?  Whilst a Zoo has been suggested, pretty sure that's not accurate
Parish Council (PC) - Date of May meeting and agenda to follow.  This will also be the annual meeting, which will commence at 7.00pm
It's worth mentioning here, that The Scribe attends as an onlooker, as many PC meetings as possible, these jottings are not a substitute for the many items which get discussed (see www.haytonandburnbypc.co.uk for that) but are intended to give brief information on those matters which are causing concern to the community 
Matters discussed at the April meeting included a letter received from Nunburnholme PC, mentioning issues with quarry traffic.  As two further incidents had been reported, one to Londesborough PC, and a further one to Burnby PC,  the PC resolved to request a meeting of all interested parties.  Yesterday (13th) a huge piece of equipment being trailered through Burnby, caused minor damage to the bridge.  Photos were taken and forwarded to the Quarry Manager, Burnby PC and ERYC Highways.  Incidentally, on the planning consent, a recommendation (not a requirement) was put forward to look into a contribution by the Quarry (Ashcourt) towards maintenance of local roads, this is being explored by the PC
Drains Committee - Meeting took place prior to above meeting and amongst other matters discussed, agreed the following:-
1.  Ward Councillor Mike Stathers, to be asked to enquire of up to date information of feasibility study, on the narrow culvert of Sikes drain, promised by Martin Clark and Mike Ball of ERYC Environment some time ago
2.  Vegetation near the bridge in Bielby Lane, Hayton.  Would seem this is the responsibility of the Environment agency in York. (Contact Ian Cook) Councillor Liz Thackeray has been valiantly battling this issue for years.  It now transpires there is a tree on Council land, which looks to be a problem.  An on site meeting to be organised with Ian Cook, to decide on the way forward
3.  It was disclosed that old dams from the demolished water Mill in Hayton, are still in existence.  This to be explored further
4.  Mike Stathers to advise on when promised report from drainage Manager Steve Roberts, and others will be available
5  New outlet drain, planned in verge of White House and Road, leading to the Beck, promised to be in place during April by ERYC
News from Nunburnholme - Below

   Firstly, it’s Education Sunday in church this Sunday 17th, everyone welcome.  The pupils from Warter C of E Primary School will be taking the service with Canon Rodney, listen for the bells!  The service starts at 10.45am, come along and join in.


   Secondly, at 2pm on Saturday 30th April the PCC have planned a spring clean for the church yard.  As you may know Lawrie Jenkins does a great job cutting the grass and hedges but there are weeds to pull and areas to tidy - please come along and help.  Bring your gardening tools, the more people that help the less time it takes, we are hoping to be finished within an hour……….


   Thirdly, on Sunday 1st May at 6pm we are having a ‘Songs of Praise’ service in church.  In the past this service has been well attended because we sing most of the time!  Come and join us, we will be singing some of your favourite hymns.


   Fourthly and lastly, to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday Mike and Caroline have kindly offered the use of the Donkey Paddock;  the Jubilee Committee are planning a party for everyone!  It is on Sunday 15th May at 3pm please bring a plate of food and join us.  There will be live music, a bar, children’s games and other side stalls - see you there!     Ann  




Upwards and onwards


Burnby Scribe 

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Burnby News for Easter March 2016
Wordsworth's poem springs to mind when you enter Burnby 'When all at once I saw a crowd, a host of golden daffodils, fluttering and dancing in the breeze' (or something similar).  Well done to the children, who planted them, not forgetting Albert for his display, and yes, spring has finally sprung in Burnby, Ducks, water hens, pheasants, partridges even a nest in the garden, and  frog spawn in the pond, how good is that
Well we solve one mystery and create others:-
Missing cards -  From earlier Email.  Grateful Mum and Dad found, with slapped wrist to son, to remember correct address, in the future
Lost dog - No news
Bottle of high quality wine - Left on residents door step - has anyone any details of who left it?
Jar of high quality chutney (Balloon Tree) - Left on different residents door step - any knowledge of who left it?
Henry Missing - This is serious and distressing.  Henry lives in St Giles and cannot manage on his own, he is very fragile and easily led.  Some misguided person must have led him astray, and thought it a good idea to take him for a walk.  He is in real danger and must be found, if he is to survive.  So would everyone search their sheds and outhouses, and return him to his home, if found.  St Giles cannot manage without him, there are already crumbs, chocolate and dust which need hoovering up from the Easter service, Henry will die of starvation, if not fed his normal diet.  Has he been abducted and being held against his will?  Please help find Henry.  (if anyone reading this, needs a fuller explanation, please contact The Scribe)
St Giles Easter Service - A good turn out and thanks to everyone who attended especially Pam Burdon for the service accompanied by Bronnie Broadhurst.  The decorated eggs were very impressive, the egg rolling extremely skilled.  Near disaster was averted by Daniel Midgley's skilful control of the family dog, who was determined to chase the eggs, prior to them reaching the finishing line.  Well done everyone (see attached photos)
Family Communion Sunday 3rd April 9.15am led by Rodney Nicholson, assisted by Bronnie Broadhurst
Annual Meeting Tuesday 12th April.  7.45pm at Fairview by courtesey of Chris and Julia Soukup
The Old Bus Stop (TOBS) - Wow, have you seen the new seat, a huge pat on the back to Rob Mills, for all his hard work, in creating such a beauty, and what surprise has Rob in store for us, behind the orange netting, and when will this secret be revealed?  
White House Farm - The anticipation mounts for what the new logo will be
Coffee Mornings - Thanks to everyone who volunteered, much appreciated, we now have a stalwart band of enthusiastic supporters.  Wednesday 6th April, 10.30am will be at Daniel and Sara Midgley's, by special request of Jenson and Holly, who wished it to be held in the school holidays, to allow them to host.  As always, everyone welcome at the Little Turnip, so lets all meet up for a natter and catch up of the news
Burnby Equestrian Centre Open Day - Friday1st April.  Miss this at your peril. 10.00am onwards.  No entry fee and FREE pony rides for children.  Demonstrations of jumping, side saddle – in full habit, and basic skill at arms (encouraging boys and girls to enjoy horses in a different way), feeding the ponies, grooming ponies and so on. The Mayor of Pocklington will be in attendance at 10.00am.   All details can be found on Facebook page or website of  Burnby Equestrian Centre.  http://burnbyequestrian.wix.com/home  Sue Bargate apologizes in advance for any travel disruption
Defibrillator - Agreed by Parish Council, who will be organizing
Drains - Progress and the way forward to be discussed by the drains committee following the next Parish Council meeting on Thursday 7th April.  Open to all
Superfast Broadband - Openreach advise that this will be rolled out to Burnby between March and December  2017.  However, only to a limited number of houses, details of which they are unable to provide.  Anyone having an interest in this, please contact Carol Gray on 07825 779774
Queens Birthday Celebrations - Still on course for Sunday 12th June.  With thanks to Angus and Trish Mitchell for the loan of one or both of their paddocks, so keep the date in your diary.  Full details to follow nearer the date
News from Nunburnholme - The recent archaeological 'pop up' exhibition held in Nunburnholme Church, to celebrate  the results of the four year heritage project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, was a great success, and is now available as an exhibition, which can be taken to other venues.  Burnby may well be taking you up on this opportunity
Songs of Praise on Sunday 1st May (Nunburnholmes's version), plus Sunday 15th May, will see  Nunburnholme celebrating the Queens 90th birthday, in the Donkey Paddock at 3.00pm.  Full details of all Nunburnholme events available from Ann Hill 01759 304311 or The Scribe
News from Londesborough - One or two from Burnby will be attending the Swing Band concert being held in the Concert Hall, on Saturday 23rd April 7.30pm, followed by a hog roast supper.  Contact londesboroughpcc@gmail.com for details
Upwards and onwards
Burnby Scribe
07825 779774
PS Please do not forget Henry.  




Usual start of thinking little has happened, and then the news snowballs, so lets get started, with a first for Burnby
International Space Station  If you watched 'This Morning' on ITV 11.15am today (9th March) you would have seen Phil and Holly interviewing Tim Peak, whilst he was working on the International Space Station.  Tim made mention of a book he took with him and wrote the forward to called 'Goodnight Spaceman', all part of his efforts to inspire children to get excited about science and space
What you may not know is that we have to thank Burnby resident, Nick East for the glorious illustrations in 'Goodnight Spaceman', which, as from today, is widely available.  Thank you Nick, for putting Burnby on the map
Coffee Mornings  Jane Sedcole put on a fine spread earlier this month, at Old Sykes Farm, so much enjoyed, that some of us, were still chatting at gone 12.30pm, thank you Jane
We have a bit of a problem looming with the coffee mornings, for which we need your help.  St Giles, which the coffee morning helps fund, is now only used for worship once a month.  This means its donations are down, making the coffee mornings more critical as a fund raiser, plus, it does not take a rocket scientist to predict eventual closure.  No matter what your faith, this would be deeply upsetting for the majority of us, and we must not forget the use we make of St Giles as our community centre, which would also be lost to us.  So in the short term, we need 12 volunteers each one to agree to run a coffee morning one month in the year.  We already have 6 stalwarts, who can always be relied upon, so all we need is 6 further volunteers to join the team.  Can we persuade you to help?  If so please contact Kate Beal or Carol Gray, who are on hand every month to help organize and also run the raffle, for you to ensure everyone has a convivial time
Drains  Councillor Sedcole and the committee have been pro-active in organising site meetings with ERYC and Ward Councillors.  First meeting takes place with Ward Councillor Mike Stathers on Friday this week (11th)
White House  Keep your suggestions coming in as to what the new logo will be, and thank you for those already received. We will not know the answer until it actually appears.  Bag of sweets to the first correct answer received
A mystery  Sue and Steve Bargate received two cards, one addressed to Mum and the other to Dad, The Paddock, Back Lane, Burnby, York YO42 1RS.  They returned them to Royal Mail unopened, as they were clearly not for them.  Royal Mail returned them, so they have now been passed to Burnby Scribe.  So if you are the intended recipient, please make contact.  You may remember we had a similar mystery over Christmas when one or two of us received very pleasant Christmas cards from unknown mysterious senders
This and That  One or two of us were persuaded to attend the village of Holtby's indoor market held on the first Saturday of the month.  What an excellent experience, we bumped into Margaret Sunderland, who occasionally attends our coffee mornings, showing her luscious baking treats.  Yum, yum very tasty Margaret.  See attached photo of Margaret complete with Easter Bunny ears.  Also Richard Fenwick, with his amazing chocolate stall, also photographed.  Richard represents, Ampleforth plus, an Autism charity, which works out of Park House Barns, Pottergate, Gilling East, North Yorkshire YO62 4JA.  This is also the chocolate factory, were the young people assist in making these wonderful treats.  Cannot recommend them highly enough, easily as good as 'Betty's'.  I will be calling to collect my supply of Easter eggs later this month.  But will be telephoning first to ensure they are open 01430 787185 www.chocolate@autismplus.co.uk
Nunburnholme News  Check out their new website www.nunburnholmewithkilnwickpercypc.co.uk How good is this, congratulations to everyone involved, it will have taken hours of work, very well done everyone.  You have set a high bar, if we are to follow
St Giles  Easter Service, best decorated egg competition, Easter egg hunt, egg rolling, hot cross buns.  Sunday 27th March
Parish Council Next meeting Thursday 7th April
Upwards and onwards
Burnby Scribe
07825 779774

Burnby News February 2016




How good is February, the shortest month, and at least an hours more daylight at the end than the beginning, and so worth wandering round the garden to spot the green buds, ready to erupt and unfurl their crinkled leaves, heralding new beginnings.  So, what is due to happen here in Burnby?  

Mothers day in St Giles - Would be good to see as many Mums, Dads and children as possible for an all age worship, led by Bronnie and assisted by Geof, Sunday 6th March

Easter in St Giles - Sunday 27th March.  Communion led by Pam Burdon, assisted by Bronnie, followed by judging of the best decorated egg, egg rolling and Easter egg hunt in the Churchyard (Rain, rain, keep away).  All followed by tea/coffee and hot cross buns.  Everyone welcome, so roll up, roll up and join in the fun

Coffee Morning - By kind permission of Simon and Jane Sedcole, Old Sykes Farm.  Friday 4th March.

For anyone who has not visited before, Old Sykes sports a wonderful spring garden, which should be just coming into its best.  So do not miss the opportunity to view.  As always everyone welcome.  Thank you Simon and Jane

Village Bulbs - Well done to all the children who took time to plant the bulbs, you can now see the fruits of your efforts.  Also, to Albert for his unstinting labour in keeping Burnby in bloom

Burnby Drains - A resident has prepared a substantial paper, the purpose of which is to set out the current situation regarding Burnby's ongoing risks/issues regarding the village drains.  It is an update of the latest position following the work carried out last week, 3rd-5th February 2016.  It reflects conversations between some residents, and Steve Roberts, drainage Manager of East Riding of Yorkshire Council and is intended to inform discussions at the next Parish Council meeting (see above)

Take care

Burnby Scribe 07825 779774





Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is upon us, and what a brilliant autumn, it has been for colour.  The Scribe visited the Yorkshire Arboretum earlier in the week, and what a glorious sight the trees were
Parish Council - Agenda for meeting on Thursday 5th attached
Halloween - Thanks to everyone who participated, plus those of you who were 'Tricked and Treated' and gave so generously of sweets, also apologies to anyone we did not manage to visit, regret little legs can get tired, even if you are a witch, Ghoul or whatever,  Jamie Oliver, would not have been a happy man had he seen the amount of sugar provided and was happily consumed.  Photo attached
Sandra Midgley's Coffee Morning - Well done Sandra, what a warm and welcoming venue you provided.  Good food and company, who could ask for more, and around £80.00 was raised, how good is that.  Well done Sandra
Next Coffee Morning Friday 20th November. Courtesy of Georgina and Ken Curry at their South Cave home, 10.30am, address and full details to follow
Christmas Coffee/Tea afternoon Wednesday 9th December (note date change).  The Hagues, Burnby, courtesy of Mike and Carol Gray,  2.00pm and, wait,  for it, includes Christmas wreath making demonstration by Nunburnholme girls, Judy and Ann, who also hope to squeeze in our usual quiz, with an extra special prize for the winner this year!  Sandwiches, cakes raffle and conversation, what could be better, and all for £2.50.  Thank you Judy and Ann.  As always, everyone welcome
Carol Service in St Giles. Friday 18th December 7.30pm
Carol Singing.  Volunteers needed (contact The Scribe), usual departure from The Hagues, thinking of dates of Tuesday or Wednesday 22nd/23rd December.  Just a little reminder of how much the mince pies and liquid refreshment, were enjoyed as we sang our way round Burnby last year
Christmas Post.  No strike action from the Elves, who have already agreed to deliver cards to Burnby addresses again this year.  As usual leave in the sack in St Giles, together with a small donation, and perhaps a sweet for the Elves to help them on their way.  Collection date starts from Tuesday 1st to Wednesday 23rd December
Queens Birthday Celebrations.  Sunday 12th June 2016, what a day this promises to be.  Ensure you have it in your diary
St Giles.  Just a reminder that all the money raised from the monthly coffee gatherings, is donated to St Giles,  who, what ever your denomination happens to be, needs to be kept spick and span, being the centre point of Burnby, and also our community centre. Thanks to virtually everyone who supports St Giles, in whatever format, long may it continue
Nunburnholme News Below
Autumn Concert - 'The Sorcerer' by The Celebration Singers in Nunburnholme Church on Saturday 7th November at 7.30pm.  Tickets are £5, including light refreshments, will be available on the door or from Art & Rose Gallery, in Pocklington.
Christmas Wreath Workshop on Saturday 5th December at Hessey Farm, Nunburnholme, starts at 1.30pm.  Book early as places are limited, or alternatively order your Christmas wreath from us.  Tickets are £10 including a glass of mulled wine, mince pies and an opportunity to make extra wreaths for us to sell!
If anyone requires further information on the above two events, contact The Burnby Scribe, who has all the information
The Burnby Scribe
01759 304439
Late September Burnby News
Bulb Planting - Thanks to John and Jill Roberts,Kate Beal, Steve and Sue Bargate, Simon and Jane Sedcole plus Mike and Carol Gray for their contributions, allowing two sacks of bulbs to be purchased.  The Village children will be organising planting in strategic areas shortly
What a Small World - Whilst boating in Padstow John Hewitt came across Derek Nicholson, in his boat, whilst on his tour of UK ports, how good is that.  On recognising Derek, John steered his craft across the waves for a chat with him.  What a co-incidence
Proposed Defibrillator to be Housed in Burnby's Phone Box - The Parish Council have agreed to back this incentive, and will be taking over the organisation needed.  First question is, if any one has any objection to the phone box no longer being used as a phone box, please contact The Scribe immediately
September coffee morning -  Made an astounding £105.00.  Monster thanks to Kate Beal who hosted the event, and everyone who supported
October and November Coffee Mornings - Wednesday 28th October 10.30am finds us at Sandra Midgely's, Hedgehog House.  Friday 20th November will be at Georgina Curry's in South Cave.  Full details to follow.  Thank you Sandra and Georgina
Halloween Saturday 31st October - Expect requests, of whether you wish to be tricked or treated by various ghosts and ghouls!!
Christmas Tea Afternoon - The Hagues, Friday 11th December, 2.00pm.  Judy, wreath making enthusiast from Nunburnholme, has agreed to start the afternoon off, with a demonstration of how to make a Christmas wreath using mainly natural materials.  Thank you Judy.  This event replaces the December coffee morning and as always everyone welcome
Harvest Festival - Friday 9th October 7.30pm in St Giles
Carol Service in St Giles - Friday 18th December 7.30pm
Carol Singing Round the Village - Likely to be 22nd/23rd December.  Full details to follow
Queen 90th Birthday Tea  - Sunday 12th June.  Judging by the responses so far, this is a runner, and WOW we have the offer of a band, how good is that, more to follow on this, plus there is even more goods news, Angus and Trish have offered us the use of one or both of their paddocks.  The excitement is mounting, so get your responses in soonest, if you have not already done so, to Kate, Jill, Julia or Carol
Parish Council Meeting - Thursday 1st October.  Agenda attached
News from Nunburnholme - Following Nunburnholme's amazing  'Weird and Wonderful' evening last Saturday, in St James, attended by one or two Burnby folk, the idea was discussed that we should have a go at supporting each others events more.  So the first step will be, when there is anything to report, a Nunburnholme news item, will appear in the monthly Email of news. So here goes, as a first attempt:-
Veteran Car Rally at Totterdown, 11.30am until 3pm on Saturday 3rd October
There will be lots of old cars, a tombola, buffet lunch, refreshments and live music!!  
What more could you ask for?   Oh yes, prizes for the tombola (to Judy at Garth Cottage) and lots of people! 
Please come along and support us, raising money for our church……
Harvest Festival in St James’ Church, on Thursday 8th October at 7pm
The Archdeacon is taking the service, afterwards there will be supper in church and an opportunity to socialise.
Contributions of decorations for the church, or to help decorate on Tuesday 6th from 1pm, and food for supper would be gratefully received.  
Upwards and Onwards
Burnby Scribe
07825 779774



Queen Elizabeth 11 Birthday - Sunday 12th June 2016




Well, you know how we like to enjoy ourselves here in Burnby, you only have to remember the Diamond Jubilee celebrations (when we sat down around 162 for tea), the Elvis event and the annual cricket matches


So, Kate Beal, Julia Soukup, Jill Roberts and Carol Gray (the gang of four) have had their thinking caps on as to the best way to celebrate this unique event for which we need your help


 The idea so far is for a knees up tea, with musical entertainment to ensure a good sing song.  We could close Middle Street, as we did at the Jubilee, or possible a better idea would be to take over a local paddock (one has been promised) and, following the example of the cricket matches, everyone could bring along their own chairs tables food and booze.  Events could be organized for the children, and we could round off with a game of rounders or something similar.  The possibilities are endless


Prices of Jazz bands/entertainers are currently being looked into.  Early findings indicate we would need to charge around £20.00 a household to cover this cost, plus any other incidentals which crop up


This is were your help is needed, this is after all your village, so we need to know whether there is an enthusiasm for such an event, and if so would you give your support, along the lines indicated so far?


To move matters forward it would be great to hear from you by the end of September, either by responding to this Email, phoning the number shown below, or contacting Kate, Julia, Jill or Carol in person


Look forward to your response


Kate, Julia, Jill and Carol xxxx

01759 304439


Lots happening
Sunday 16th August - Two events - Tractor Day starts 10.00am all day, plus Highmoor Hounds, hunting pack leave from Burnby Equestrian Centre, hounds and horses set off 10.00am, everyone welcome.  You may remember from last year, that Highmoor hounds are pack of blood hounds, and well worth watching
Dates for your Diary
Next coffee morning will be at 'The Old Post Office' courtesy of Kate Beal, Wednesday 16th September 10.30am
Harvest Festival - Friday 9th October 7.30pm in St Giles, everyone welcome
Christmas Tea afternoon - Friday 11th December courtesy of Mike and Carol Gray, 2.00pm start
Carol Service - Friday 18th December 7.30pm in St Giles
October and November Coffee mornings - Help please, volunteers needed
Past Events
Pets Service in St Giles.  Sunday 9th August, thanks to everyone who attended, plus Sara, Julia and Kate for organising, and the pets for behaving.  A good morning was had by all
News and Volunteers needed
The Old Bus stop - Thanks to Rob Mills for the work he has put into renovating.  The Parish Council has approved plans for the next stage, so watch out for developments
Defibrillator for Burnby - Following the success of the Londesborough defibrillator demonstration, which several Burnby residents attended, a request has been made to the Parish Council, to explore the possibility of providing one in Burnby.  BT has agreed that the redundant phone box could be used to house one, as it is central and has power.  Watch this space for developments
Seat near the phone box - whilst in a poor state, with lots of work and TLC, it could be revitalised.  Is there any one out there who could assist in its repair?  It needs at least two pairs of hands to organise, and transport could be provided to move it to a garage/shed.  Failing this we could run an event to raise funds for a new one, any ideas would be very welcome
Bulb Planting in the Autumn - In view of this years grand display of flowers, we have one or two village children willing to assist adults in planting a few bulbs round village signs etc.  So if you are willing to contribute towards a sack of bulbs, and/or assist in planting.  please contact The Scribe
Sunday 30th August - The following will perhaps not be an issue at all, but just in case.  Forewarned is forearmed.  This is a very special day for the Andrews family, of Foxgloves in Middle Street.  A family wedding is due to take place, so expect several cars to be parked in The Street during the morning of the 30th
To the teenage resident, who has been clearing the rear gravel path, through the Church Yard.  Well done.  Regret The Scribe has not been provided with your identity
To Albert, who, as always, has done sterling work, in keeping 'Burnby in Bloom' this year
Upwards and onward, thanks to everyone for their efforts, in making Burnby, such a grand place to live.  Your village, so your ideas
Burnby Scribe




Wow, The village is getting a lovely welcoming feel thanks to the volunteer work on planting, Church notice board, new benches, Angus and Trish's wall murals and residents' willingness to mow their own grass frontages, together with several wonderful gardens which have been on view this year, which all fits well with our position astride the Route 66 cycle way.

Not my words (I agree 100%) but sent in by a contributor.  How good is that, and thanks to everyone for there efforts, seen and unseen.
This falls in line with the positive comments Increasingly heard from residents, so, why not action those ideas and embrace Burnby with further initiatives over the coming months, below are some of the ideas being put forward:-
1  Refurbish the now redundant bus shelter to tidy up the fly-posting and make it more useful as a local information source for the village, visitors and passers-by and to supplement the notice boards near the church (Lots of ideas being put forward on this one).  Some volunteer work has already been done on this, approved by the Parish Council, to avoid it falling into disrepair, and becoming unsightly
2  Repair the millennium seat in the village centre
3  Bulb planting in other parts of the village, particularly up the hill on Londesborough Road (perhaps enlisting the help of the village children)?
So, lets hear your ideas, Burnby is your village, and all comments are welcome.  The Scribe will keep you up to date with developments through the usual news Emails
For funding and legal reasons it makes sense to put most ideas to the Parish Council for approval, who have been positive and enthusiastic in their support of previous Burnby initiatives
Bit lengthy this news letter, so further one will follow, with news etc
Take care, look forward to hearing from you
Burnby Scribe
01759 304439
Firstly, many thanks to Gerald and Lesley Craven, for the excellent coffee morning they hosted earlier this month, which made an excellent £84.00.   Lesley did not disappoint with her baking.  Well done and thanks again. 
Secondly, and Wow, have you seen the new Church notice board, what a craftsman Mervyn Gray is, who designed, made and installed it.  Well done Mervyn, what a wonderful gesture, it will be much used and appreciated.  Thank you from the whole village
It's been a while since we had a 'Bit of a Do' in Burnby, so lets start off small, and in the process, raise a bit of money for 'Old St Giles', who is always in need of a new suit or two (fabric of the Church).  So Sunday afternoon, June 21st, the day of the summer solstice, is the date to get in your diaries, and sample what a few of the Burnby Girls, have in store for you
Watch local girl, Gill Hodgson of Field House Flowers (www.fieldhouseflowers.co.uk) present and demonstrate, how she grows, in their natural season, glorious traditional English flowers,  from the family farm, in Everingham.  Check out the Field House website for a taste of the wedding flowers Gill puts together, as well as the pretty posies and sumptuous bouquets on offer, all made up from flowers grown naturally, in their season
Rember,Gill is the lady who entranced Prince Charles, at the Yorkshire Show, when he proudly accepted a buttonhole of Gill's flowers, which he proceeded to proudly wear all day.  All televised, so Gill is also a TV star
We are fortunate indeed to have obtained Gill's services, so lets make this a glorious afternoon for everyone, gentlemen included, followed by tea and cakes, and the opportunity for a good catch up and natter. all for an amazing £5.00 children free 
If any of you are able to donate cakes/scones for the event, that would be wonderful, in which case contact Kate Beal 07843 667882 or Carol Gray 07825 779774.  Incidentally this event will replace the June coffee morning
Other news.  Albert Smith came a worthy 2nd in the environmental awards the Parish Council (PC) elected him to, for his work  in keeping "Burnby in Bloom'  well done Albert, and thank you for all your efforts
Gully cleaning took place in Burnby on Tuesday 26th, organised by the PC
Burnby Scribe
01759 304439

Burnby News May 2015

Wow, May already, how time speeds on, lots to report, so here goes

Coffee Morning.  Wednesday 20th May is the day not to be missed, 10.30am at Beck House, home of Gerald and Lesley Craven.  Everyone welcome for coffee, cakes and natter.  Thank you Lesley and Gerald

The Village.  How cheerful it has been looking, thanks to Albert Smith for the glorious displays of flowers.  Incidentally the Parish Council put Albert's name forward for an environmental award, of which he has made the final three.  The finalist will be announced next Tuesday (19th) at an evening awards ceremony to take place at the Spa in Bridlington.  Albert has been invited to attend with two Parish Councillors.  So lets all keep our fingers crossed for Albert, and watch this space for the result

Also, we must thank Rob Mills, for repairing the seats in the bus shelter, now used by ramblers and cyclists for rest and shelter, plus also for making the new planter, which replaces the seat, which was beyond repair.  Albert provided the plants and Marilyn Mills and him did the planting.  Thanks to all, good to see that community spirit is alive and well in Burnby

Incidentally, the old seat is to be replaced by the Parish Council, but will now be located on the corner, next to the pumping station

Parish Council.  No new nominations, and all old councillors stood, so everyone returned unopposed.  Annual General meeting takes place Thursday 21st May, followed by usual meeting.  Agenda not yet released.  The Scribe will forward when available.  As always everyone welcome at these meetings

During April, Mr Leighton of the Environment agency did a tour of Burnby, accompanied by Councillors, to check for him self, the damage caused by vehicles travelling on lanes, which were not built for the size and volume of traffic they now have to take.  He is to report back to the Parish Council with his findings.

The solution to the narrow culvert under the road between Blacksmiths Cottage and the Pumping Station remains out standing with East Riding Council.

History Society.  An excellent presentation, accompanied by slides, was enjoyed by many residents, on the life of William Etty, and his association with Hayton, on the 15th April.  Date of next meeting to follow.

This and That.  Summer solstice, Sunday afternoon 21st June.  Irons still in the fire on this one, it may have to be postponed, so watch this space for further information.  However, Queen Elizabeth, will be the longest serving monarch, to reign in this country, even surpassing Queen Victoria, the beginning of September.  If any one has any ideas for a village celebration, to mark the event, then please do contact The Scribe, with you thoughts, to discuss the best way to proceed.

On a sad note, Tim and Charlotte Parkin will be departing Burnby, the end of this month.  They will be sadly missed, as will the three kittens (now weighing in at 16 kilos in total!).  Thanks to Tim and Charlotte for the support and fund raising they have achieved in Burnby, during their stay here.  You will be missed, please do keep in touch.

Burnby Scribe

01759 304439



Additional news below
Coffee Mornings.  What a good time we had at Chris and Julia Soukup's raising around £80.00 in the process, how good is that, thank you Chris and Julia and all those who attended or contributed.   Daniel and Sara Midgley have offered to host the April one, date to be decided, but will be a Wednesday towards the end of April.  Full details to follow together with the location and details of the May one
Parish Council. Police want to make people aware of an attempted fraud that has been brought to the attention of officers :


The scam involves people receiving a telephone call from someone claiming to be a police officer informing them they have been victims of a theft from their bank account and asking that they provide their bank details over the telephone.

The common thread between all of the incidents, of which so far approximately seven have been reported to the police across Hull and East Yorkshire, is that the number ringing the potential victim is withheld. The caller has claimed to be a Chief Inspector from Driffield Police Station and state they have the lodger of the victim in police custody. They explain that the lodger has a copy of the victim’s bank card and that funds have been withdrawn from their accounts. The caller has then asked for full bank details so that they can check if any funds have been withdrawn. 

In all cases so far the targets of this attempt fraud have been elderly people. 

In one of the cases reported the call was marginally different, with the caller again claiming to be a Chief Inspector but this time they stated their bank account had been compromised and that the person needed to withdraw all of their funds in cash. 

It is not believed that anyone has yet fallen for this scam or handed over any money but police are keen to ensure people are aware of it and remain vigilant.

Detective Inspector Matthew Peach said: "These incidents would appear to be linked and on each occasion so far the person being targeted is elderly.

"I would like to advise residents to be wary of anyone calling them regarding bank details that all might not be as is suggested. 

"Nobody should ever give out any bank details or personal details over the telephone and nor should anybody transfer any money to anyone unless it is a transaction they are absolutely sure of.

"The police would absolutely never request bank details from a member of the public.

"I want people to be aware of this latest scam and I would ask that family and friends of any elderly or particularly vulnerable people to make sure they are made aware of this and check they have not already been contacted."

Anyone who thinks they may have received a call along these lines is urged to report it to police on the non-emergency number 101 referring to log 369 of 05 March 2015.



Helen Anderson


NPT Assistant
Pocklington Police Station



Date of April Parish Council meeting and agenda to follow.  Remember local elections for Parish Councillors due in May, notices will be on the village notice board


St Giles.  Details of Easter services and egg rolling  plus decorated egg competition to follow.  Plenty of time to get those Easter bonnets decorated, suggest no chocolate fried eggs on the hats this year, unless you wish to end up with 'egg on your face'!


Weaving Day at The Hagues.  Friday 27th March 10.00am to 4.00pm.  Watch the weavers as they use peg looms to create scarves and cushion covers using this ancient craft.  Everyone is welcome to briefly visit the weavers, and also take the opportunity, to view the array of crafts on show, created by Sue Doherty, the tutor for the day, plus the participants. Would be good to see you


Burnby in bloom.  Thanks to Janet Kelly and Albert Smith, for the display of daffodils and various plants, under the Burnby sign post on the Pocklington Road, what a great welcome to the village


Burnby Scribe

01759 3044439

Wow, what a show of Aconites and Snowdrops there has been in the village, with fat buds of daffodils about to burst into bloom, spring has finally arrived
St Giles
Firstly, thanks to Josh Soukup, for his offer to hoover the carpets in St Giles, which was gratefully received by Mum and PCC secretary, Julia.  Well done Josh, and thank you, you may have found yourself a regular task
A pat on the back and thanks are due to John and Jill Roberts, of Limetrees, who hosted the February coffee morning.  Well done, Jill, what a spread you provided, and an excellent attendance.  A good time was had by all and in excess of £72.00 raised for St Giles
March coffee morning is at Chris and Julia Soukup's of Fair View, Wednesday 18th March, 10.30am.  As always, Julia extends a warm welcome to everyone, and has already started baking, so miss this at your peril
Parish Council (PC)
Agenda attached.  It is worth mentioning here that the meetings are open to everyone.  One or two Burnby folk are regular attendees.  It is an excellent way of discovering what is happening in your parish
The PC has asked me to mention whether there is any enthusiasm in Burnby, in enlisting the help of the Payback Team* The below suggestion has already been put forward by one resident:-
'1.  Cleaning and edging (where necessary) of all Public footpaths within the village Boundary, in particular the path from the Church to Forest Cottage which can be slippery and dangerous after foul weather.

2.   Cleaning out of the road gullies and soakaways

3.   Cutting back of the ivy on the church boundary fence which prevents pedestrians being able to step in when large vehicles are taking the corner.

We note the good work that has been carried out by the Team in Hayton and it would be good for Burnby to be given the same consideration'
You may have other suggestions or  a view on this, certainly the Parochial Church Council (PCC) would need to be consulted regarding any work proposed on the Church fence
Councillor Sedcole - simon.sedcole@btinternet.com, would be pleased to hear any ideas or opinions you may have
PC hand operated gritter - This has now been moved to a more accessible location.  Angus and Trish Mitchell have agreed to store the equipment and a small supply of grit.  Rob Mills and Albert Smith have taken over organisation of the gritter.  Whilst, hopefully, it will not be needed again this quarter, it will be, the last quarter of 2015, when Rob and Albert will be looking for volunteers to assist them with operating the machine.  It was bought by the PC to primarily keep the footpath round St Giles safe.  Thanks to Angus, Trish, Albert and especially Rob, who has also donated a wheel barrow, to help the process along
Proposed History Society
Details of first meeting and second meeting to be held on Tuesday, March 17th Below, provided by Mick Bettison, of Hayton

'Following our first meeting on Tuesday 17th February, here’s a little update.


Eighteen people came to the first meeting. I was really pleased with the size of the group and the enthusiasm generated. Everyone seemed to get involved, although as things were a bit unorganised maybe some people were a little shy in putting their opinions forward at first.

There is obviously lots of information lurking in cupboards and photograph albums in both villages and over the coming months we’ll try to bring it out and share it with the group.


I’ve already been contacted by people who have come up with interesting ideas for projects. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let me know and we can discuss them at the next meeting. Until things settle down I’m quite happy to talk about anything connected with the village histories and, hopefully, we’ll eventually find a format for the meetings, projects and information sharing and storing


Unless anyone comes up with an alternative the main subject at the next meeting will revolve around the break up and sale of the estate in 1927, but it will be very open to other themes.


I’m still trying to get e-mail details for several people who want to be involved but couldn’t get to the first meeting. If you know of anyone who wants to know more, ask them to contact me and I’ll add them to the group.


The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 17th March at 07.30pm at “The Plough” in Hayton. I’ll be in touch before then with any news and updates.


Mick Bettison'


Archaeological Dig -  Talk of findings on Burnby Lane Development


I believe this is on Thursday 19th March, however you will need to check the local press for time, venue and to ensure this date is accurate


If anyone has any questions or queries, over the content of this Email, please do not hesitate to contact The Scribe, who will ensure your enquiries are passed to the appropriate person


That's all for now, but pretty sure a further March update will be necessary




Burnby Scribe

01759 304439




February already, Snowdrops and Aconites in flower, shortest day well past, Spring on the horizon, Pancake and Valentines day to look forward to, so on with the best news first

January Coffee Morning.  What a spread Kate Beal provided.  Was there ever a better £2.50p worth, cakes, buns and biscuits in an abundance, plus most of us went home with a 'Goody Bag'.  Well done and thank you, Kate.  What a way to celebrate the dark days of January, and make a monster £105.00 into the bargain
John and Jill Roberts, welcome us to Limetrees, on Friday 20th. for the February coffee morning, at the usual time of 10.30am.  March date is Wednesday 18th, at the home of Chris and Julia Soukup, full details to follow
Parish Council.  Meeting this Thursday, 5th February,  7.30pm Hayton Village Hall.  Regret have not been able to obtain an agenda.  Suggest you visit  the Web site to view www.haytonandburnbypc.co.uk.  (I have been unable to print, or copy from the site) alternatively there should be a copy on the village notice board.  If I do obtain a copy, soon, I will Email it round
Local History Group.  Due to Mick Bettison's unexpectedly holiday, date has been put back to Tuesday 17th February, 7.30pm, at 'The Plough' Hayton.  First meeting of the Group, and everyone guaranteed a warm welcome
Archaeology dig date.  Evening of Thursday 19th March in Pocklington.  When the details of the finds, found on the new housing development, in Burnby Lane, will be revealed.  Further details to follow
Weaving Work Shop.  Friday 27th March at 'The Hagues' one place left, please contact 'The Scribe' for full information
Burnby Scribe
01759 304439




Welcome to 2015, so much good news it is  it is difficult to know were to begin, so firstly

1.  Warm Burnby welcome to Paul and Tina Andrews, new residents of Foxgloves
2.  January and February coffee mornings.  Kate Beal of 'The Old Post Office', is opening its doors on Wednesday 28th January.  John and Jill Roberts, of 'Lime Trees' on Friday 20th February.  As always a warm welcome to everyone is ensured, to both events, the more the merrier.  10.30am to noon.  Will be great to have a meet up and natter
3.  Carol Singers and Burnby Christmas Card Deliveries.  Wow, how good is this, the generosity of Burnby folk never disappoints, a massive £120.00 collected by the Carol Singers, with at least £20.00 donated for the card deliveries.  Thanks must go to the 15 singers, including Elvis and George, who both stole the show, together with Julia and Chris Soukup, (not forgetting Josh and Gareth) John and Jill Roberts, Sara and Holly Midgeley, Louise and Fin East, Charlotte Parkin, Kate Beal and Carol Gray.  Photo attached of some, but not all, of the singers.  Thanks to everyone who took part, and those who donated, well done
4.  Parish Council News.  Lots going on here, due in no small part to the new Parish Clerk, Jo Green, who took over the latter end of last year.  Thank you Jo, keep up the good work
a.  New grit bin provided, at the junction of Nunburnholme Road, with Dead-mans Lane
b.  Burnby Councillor Simon Sedcole, is looking into repair of the seat next to the bus shelter.  Albert Smith has collected some of the wood slates, any new ones required will be donated, Rob Mills has offered his assistance in repairing.  All this depends on whether or not it is repairable.  Thanks to all those who are assisting, we will keep the village updated
c.  Excellent and unexpected news, due in no small part to residents in the village, together with the Parish Council, not allowing the matter of the narrow culvert, under the road between Blacksmiths Cottage and the Pumping Station, to drop, has resulted in East Riding of Yorkshire Council, advising the following:-
'Following further discussion with our Bridges team, we have decided to seek funding to carry out a feasibility study into improving the hydraulic capacity of the road culvert at West View. Subject to funding being available, the study will be carried out in 2015/16.     

It is intended that the study will consider various options for controlling the flow in the Sikes Drain with a view to reducing the risk of flooding from the Drain.       

Please note that this Council does not accept responsibility for the consequences of surface water flooding such as that cause by the 2007 flood event'
It is important that we keep the pressure up on this.  The Parish Council suggest, any of us around, during stormy weather, take photographs of the culvert, when too full to take the flow of water, and add to those we already have, and pass to ERYC.  A Depth Board has also been suggested.  Any comments on this, pass to Councillor Sedcole, or 'The Scribe' who will  forwarded them, to ensure we have an accurate line of communication
d.  Grant news.  The Parish Council has advised that grant money is again available (£2,000 upwards) due to the Gally Moor waste disposal site remaining open (Burnby qualifies as it is within a 10 mile radius).  Attachment gives all the details.  Further details or suggestions contact Councillor Sedcole (simon.sedcole@btinternet.com) or The Scribe
History Society.  This is being organised, with specific reference to the history of Hayton and Burnby, by Mick Bettison, of Hayton.  First meeting in the Bar of Mr Chows to take place on Tuesday 17th February 7.30pm.  Everyone welcome.  Several Burnby folk will be in attendance, so if you decide to come along, just arrive, and you will be assured of a warm welcome and good company
Archeological finds.  Most of you will be aware of this interesting find. on the new housing estate in Burnby Lane. I am advised that an open evening, in Pocklington, on Thursday 19th March is being organised, for any one interested in  attending.   Full and accurate information to follow
Dates to remember.  Weaving workshop at 'he Hagues' Friday 27th March.  Summer Solstice open gardens and cut flower demonstration.  Sunday 21st June
Burnby Scribe
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